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Use the power of the cloud to increase your productivity. It is used to host cloud applications, websites, computing infrastructure and platforms. Cloud apps are particularly useful for authors because they allow access to a cloud app from any device with Internet access. The cloud instantly synchronizes any changes you make to any of your documents. The Scrivener mobile version must be purchased separately from the App Store.

Writing in the Cloud

Writing in the cloud is a comfortable place to record things you need to recall. It is this very simple piece of writing that you grab when you need to look it up later. In the Cloud, all your data is securely stored in the cloud.

It' created with very simple.txt file, so you can work with any other editors - no specific applications are used. When you are on your computer, simply use a conventional text reader to open and change them. Get the most out of Write for Android with Android's built-in copy and paste capabilities!

Saves all the memos in the "Apps/write" directory.

Built-in 5 Cloud Apps that make life easy for authors

Utilize the performance of the cloud to increase your productiveness. Self-employed authors working on technological issues have often been told about the cloud, but this kind of tech provides useful resource for authors in any marketplace. On the most fundamental layer, the cloud relates to the server that is connected to each other to allocate ressources between the server.

It is used to house cloud applications, Web sites, computer infrastructures and workstations. Cloud applications are particularly useful for authors because they allow cloud apps to be accessed from any web-enabled appliance. In addition, many cloud applications offer portable editions for use with both iPhone and Android phones. Here are some applications that make things much simpler for authors.

Gmail already has a big impact in the cloud with Gmail, but professionals should look to Google Drive, especially the documentation part of the game. They have a complete text editing environment and a cloud-based read most of the customer sent format at any time, anywhere.

You also have cloud disk for important projects. It is a cloud-based memo application that makes it easier for you to organise your writing experience. Authors can use notepads to organise different types of memos. Web Cliping makes it easier to include interesting information for research use, while the possibility of accessing your memos from any machine makes it a must-have for any writing use.

Multistage and subcontracting as well as large complexes call for a specific organisational structure that only projectmanagement instruments offer. The Basecamp is a well-known cloud-based projectmanagement system that offers you many possibilities to track your progression, set up a taskmanagement system and exchange information and data with other participants.

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