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One of Denis Markell's first children's novels was Click Here To Start. I' m enjoying a book that has fun and action and shares one or two serious thoughts about life, like Click Here to Start does. Discover the book list and visit the book pages to learn more.

Click here to start (A novel) by Denis Markell

As 12-year-old Ted Gerson visits his ailing great-uncle Ted in the clinic, he doesn't know that he is getting involved in a genuine room away from home computer world. If Great-Uncle Ted died, he left Ted "the whole content of his flat, with all the treasures it contains", with the message "Search harshly and you will find him".

Of course Ted starts to find the evidence and the rich. This is followed by a computer program named "The game of ted ", which follows the quest and develops with it in mysterious ways; a dosage of World War II story, which includes plundered Nazi treasures and Japan detention centres; rogues for the same riches; and a great deal of sperm from our hero.

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Last weekend we were celebrating the launch of my man, Denis' first novel, Click Here to Start. This book describes 12-year-old Ted, a genius at Escape the Room Games, and his two buddies as they skilfully discover the evidence that Ted's great uncles - a Hawaiian Nisei Brigade vet - bequeathed.

On the way there, the group recognizes that there are other men looking for the same "treasure," and they may not be so "friendly. In this child-oriented novel, Ted and his buddies must use their minds and their minds to unravel the riddle - and theirselves. This audiobook, published by listeningbibliothek, was published at the same epoch, which was very interesting!

Up to now, Bis jetzt hat das Buch solche positiven Rezensionen vom School Library Journal, Publisher's Weekly, kidlit blogs, enseignants, bibliothécaires, enfants. The book has been awarded as School Library Guild and Best Book of the Month. Featuring his best mate Caleb and supersmart book-loving Isabel at his side, Ted won't stop until he unravels the secret of his great-uncle's desires and finds what's been abandoned - even though that means he has to evade and outwit really fearsome and perilous men who are also trying to find the real gem.

The book contains computer game, riddles, secrets, adventures, dangers, literary quotations, humour and insolence. "A must-have for gamer and book lover alike. Whilst everything was well packed, we definitely saw a little ray of optimism for a continuation that remained open at the end of the book.

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