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The list includes the best authors of all time, including William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Emily Bronte, Geoffrey Chaucer, Homer, Joseph Conrad, Charles Dickens, Herman Melleville, William Faulkner and Edgar Allan Poe. Answering Back: Answer to six classics with poetry. Search these classic authors and see how their pages get food stains and lose covers. Get in touch with Classic Writers Inc. on Messenger.

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100 greatest fiction of all time: Lists | Literature

Captivating the reader for hundreds of years is the history of the gentler Sancho Panza and his butler. It'?s the first novel in England. This is one of the longest books in British, but it is undisputed. This is a classic miniature: a brillant satirical novel. There are two rival fighters for the heart of a female fatal.

A vivid and convincing chronicles of the lives of an ltalian courtier in France, after Napoleon. Retribution thrillers also in France after Bonaparte: a true treasure of adventurous literature. It' a classic study of the US spirit. This could be summed up as a history of fornication in the province of France and could completely miss the point.

For the nine-year-old Oxford Don's daughters, a tale that still amazes most children. Isabel Archer's tale shows James at his best. This is one of the most funny British textbooks ever made. The classic of the suburbs of Victoria will always be known for the personality of Mr. Pooter.

His wild desolation makes him one of the first books of the 20th cent. This pre-war espionage adventure film was written by a man who was later killed for his role in the Republic of Ireland. This is the history of a hound that joined a wolf herd after the owner's deaths. Conrad's masterpiece: a history of coin, charity and revolution arya.

A classic for kids, this one was based on fairy tales for Grahame's boy. Like this one, books confiscated by the cops have a particular life after death. A classic of untrustworthy narrative, this report on the adultery of two Edvardian pairs. This is a classic boy's adventurous tale packed with excitement, force and thrill.

Safeguards Woolf's place as one of the great 20th centuries British writers. Forster' s great romantic hymn to India. Joseph K's mysterious tale. He is memorable for his books, but it was the brief histories that first caught the eye. This is an exceptional triology that tells the history of America by various means.

  • Peter Wild looks at O'Connor's cartoons - Is Flannery O'Connor a Romantic author? A surprising debut: the painful and fun 50s novel in England. It' a classic of Africa's literary tradition. An author who made her Observer début - and her fiction is like polished crystal. A six-year-old female boy, Snowy tells an exciting tale of racist prejudices in the deep South.

Illegal birth and mental collapse in Chicago. An odd, gripping tale about the joys of literacy. He was the best author of British fiction. A vivid, poetical history, immersed in lights and waters, over three generation of mothers. It' a classic Scotch. This is a bestselling book by the most beloved post-war author for kids of all age.

This is a great 19th c. Australian romantic tale written by the twice Booker Prize winner. Rushdie is playing with the notion of the narration itself in this captivating film. The celebrated author of shorts stories reaches a modern classic of fascinating storytelling convictions. Lyra's Journey interweaves imagination, fear and the game of imagination into a truly great modern children's game.

Do you wonder what ever happen to all those US writers from Bret Easton Ellis to Jeffrey Eugenides, from Jonathan Franzen to Cormac McCarthy? What happend with books like Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita, Hesse's Siddhartha, Mishima's The Sea of Fertility, Süskind's Perfume and Zola's Germinal? Authors such as JG Ballard, Julian Barnes, Anthony Burgess, Bruce Chatwin, Robertson Davies, John Fowles, Nick Hornby, Russell Hoban, Somerset Maugham and VS Pritchett just barely lost the last hundred.

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