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You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about WorldABC - The CIA World FactBook. World Factbook is an annual publication of the US Central Intelligence Agency summarizing information on countries and regions around the world. The CIA World Factbook into a Json data structure. The World Factbook. CIA World Factbook's latest tweets (@CIAFactbook).

Download World Factbook 2013 - Central News Agency

What: Below is the Central Intelligence Agency's most beloved release - The World Factbook - in condensed form, as a zip archive, for those who wish to make a copy for them. You will find the data for both documents in HTML code form. Compiled with:: WinZip® has been used to create the Zip archive but any application that can support archive will work.

For unpacking the files: Make a subfolder or path on your computer's harddisk or peripherals where each publications you visit is stored. Please click here to save the requested file(s) to the place of your choise. Extract the one or more downloads to the unzipped or unzipped folders or directories you used to save the publications.

Avoid unpacking your data to a different location or to a different one. Unpacking the data creates sub-folders or sub-folders that are necessary for publishing on your computer. When you extract to those sub-folders or sub-folders, some or all of the publications may not work.

Index.htm and index.html open the homepage of the publications. Browse to the index page in the location you used to create a thumbnail image using a Windows Explorer or similar program and double-click it to open and use the publishing. World Factbook searching function: You can find the research tool on our servers and cannot distribute it with the World Factbook.

This World Factbook needs about 240 Megabyte of storage for the ZIP data and about 500 Megabyte for the release after unpacking. Please unpack the downloaded document into the location you made. When you have unpacked this document, use a local executable to browse to the location of the downloaded document.

In order to start with The World Factbook, search and double-click the index filename (there are two index filenames - both work the same way). Once you have downloaded the below mentioned data extract it to the location or location you made for the Factbook. Don't unpack any of them to the child folders or sub-directories that were generated during unpacking.

Please be aware that the first 13 zipped images generate a fully working copy of the Factbook, with the only difference that the PDF map link on the Reference Map page does not work. Once these unpacked you can use a filename wizard to browse to that one. In order to start with The World Factbook, search and double-click on the index filename (there are two index filenames - both work the same way).

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