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The Church Bible Publishers King James Version Bibles. Black Hand Size Vinyl KJV Text Bible. Would you consider in prayer Rather than being businesses, we endow the holy ones with the sword of the Spirit for the work of service by ministering to one another. We are able to make all these high-caliber King James Bibles available to you at the expense of manufacturing, not least because of our mission-family, which makes our service work well.

The Bibles are on averages 1/3 of the cost you would be paying for them in a bookshop. We believe that it is the local church's own responsability to make the Word of God public, and we do not believe that we should make goods (a profit) out of the Bible. When we have been a boon to save you a lot of cash, please think about a loving offer so that this marvelous service can keep providing these great items.

Also, please be praying for the service and missionaries who are involved in this great work.

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