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Colorado Springs, Colorado. I' ve just learned that Jerry B. Jenkins has closed the Christian Writers Guild. In order to help aspiring authors realize their publishing dreams, Jenkins founds Christian Writers Guild Publishing (CWGP). Writings on Christian Writers Guild news from Christian News Headlines.

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Following the magnificent welcome of his last two novels (the recently published Empire's End, a novel by the apostle Paul and a New York Times bestseller with St. Louis Cardinal's director Mike Matheny), he has returned to concentrating on guiding writers. Please draft out Jerry's position active the person below, and meeting him please at if you are sensing for inside psychological feature on oeuvre that amuses, encourages and sale.

Jenkins Closes Christian Writers Guild | News & Reports

Best-selling author Jerry B. Jenkins has completed his official efforts to educate the next generations of Christian writers. "Unfortunately, I'm not as lucky as I look here, although my seven-year-old Thai grandchild Max took this image of me," Jenkins posted on his Christian Writers Guild (CWG) homepage, "because you found my[website] when I closed the guild after 14 years of service.

Founded in the 1960' and bought by Jenkins in 2001, the guild "wants to educate the Christian writers of tomorrow". Dennis E. Hensley, Taylor University's Principal of Proofreading, said CT said CWG had provided "great services for the development of writers. " [Jenkins] has spent million of US Dollar on a company that has benefited tens of thousand of Christian writers.....

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So... what's up with the Christian Writers Guild?

" Chip MacGregor has been able to see the bright side of the times - from editing a literature journal at high schools to authoring bestsellers, from speeches at speeches at writing and publisher meetings to acting for well-known authors, Chip MacGregor is a cliché. The Christian Writers' Guild has been on the press lately. The guild seemed strange because it was bought and financed by Jerry Jenkins, the huge sales writer who authored the Left Behind show and more than seventy million copies - at the point it was the best-selling story ever written, later overshadowed by Harry Potter, Twilight, The Hunger Games and, um, Fifty Shades of Grey (which proves H.L. Mencken was right).

I' ve been a dear acquaintance and partner of Jerry B. Jenkins for more than 30 years. They' ve purchased cars for the missionary, financed collegiate grants for poor undergraduates, taken on construction work in ThirdWorld countries and created employment for writers, journalists and schoolteachers. One of Jerry's long-standing missions is to create a new breed of writers who can divide the Christian view of the outside Christian community through journalists, literary writers, community platforms and multimedia work.

For this purpose Jerry has opened the door on a number of front lines. 15 years ago he purchased the Christian Writers Guild from Norm Rohrer and modernised all telecourses. He has also hosted the Colorado Springs 2009 edition of our Yearbook, which featured lectures, tutorials, and individual manuscripts by top writers and writers.

Jerry also took possession and managed the yearly Christian Writers Market Guide to ensure that free-lance authors have a wealth of up-to-date market information on journals, papers, online journals and publishing houses. Jerry himself has often taken the invitation to address writers' meetings, college, university, retreat and congresses throughout the country, where he passed on his expertise and experiences on issues of the profession of writing.

Jerry never made a nickel on any of this. As a fact, he spends more than three million U.S. Dollars in person just to get all these different kinds of writers' development and development options. That doesn't take into consideration the hundred of manhunts he' s devoted to running CWG and its side businesses, all of which were unremunerated undertakings for Jerry.

In early 2014, Jerry announced with some of his closest acquaintances and partners that he was willing to revert to his main activity and vocation, that of full-time email. It was his hopes, however, that the work and missions of the Christian Writers Guild would go on. It took over a partnership and was released by CWG from funding responsibilities for new projects, but gave authorisation to use its name as a new partnership, which was divided into full ownership as well as general manager.

It' s no mystery that there have been many requests and grievances about CWG managment since Jerry retired from his leading position. I' m not familiar with these special affairs just to say that I'm sure Jerry B. Jenkins himself never - never!

My own view, therefore, is that any complaint that arises in connection with CWG' s 2014 issues cannot be placed at Jerry's foot. As the model man he is, Jerry has returned to the commercial side of the guild to ensure that it is concluded with loyalty and honour.

In my lexicon, integrity and Jerry B. Jenkins are the same.

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