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Are you looking for Christian book publishers? We help you find out which Christian self-book publishers you should use and why. Frahlingen act as a mediator between an author and a publisher. The Total Service Book Publisher, simple steps from manuscript to market. Wellcome to America's Favorite Self Publisher.

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Like most Christian writers, look for an accessible, hassle-free way to make your publishing dreams come true! Unfortunately, the realities of the publishing tradition are that it is both expensive and upscale. In contrast to conventional publishers, self-publishing gives you the unique ability to maintain your books creativity, resulting in a higher-quality, above-average work.

Whereas self-publication demands that the writer bear the cost of publishing, distributing and promoting his Christian work, the good thing is that the writer retains 100% of all gains on sale. This means that the licence fees for self-published works will be significantly higher than those for works edited by major publishing houses.

And unlike conventional publishers, there is no requirement for the authors to buy a copy of a textbook when publishing it themselves. Our sales net allows you to read hundreds of books without having to buy large amounts of your work! A team of publishing professionals.

Booksstore Envelope Artistry. Professionally designed, suitable for booksellers. ISBN of the publishing house for the bookshop's stock. It is available in softcover, hardback, dust wrapper and eBook. Anytime and for any reasons, you can take your books to another publishing house. Authoring centre 24/7 on-line. 100 percent license fee directly payed to you every three months and month on line booking trackingservice.

Christian professionals who take care of you and your work. The Salem Group, the biggest Christian publishing house in the whole wide range of Christian publications. The prizewinning covers of our covers designer design an individual covers in bookselling grade. You only need to send in your finished print-ready script and our expert type-setters will prepare the layout for you.

Your definitive work can be completed in less than 90 working day! Don't expect a conventional publishing house if you can release your own work today! Good writing sells more music! Your publishing is a very important part of the self-publishing chain - often the one thing that distinguishes self-published works from those that go through a conventional publishing pipelin.

We have a highly qualified editorial staff who can give your textbook a touch of sophistication! Self publishing means you don't have to store a large amount of ledgers. When your finished Christian work is available, we make it available to our readership through the world' s biggest distributor of 30,000 distributors, retail and bookselling companies in over 100 different markets and on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

There is no need to store large quantities of ledgers. Buyers can order your product on-line from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other on-line merchants, and our distributors can reprint and complete their orders directly. It is very cheap to order a copy of your textbook. For more information on large numbers of writers, please visit our bookstore pricing and bulk discounts page.

You can also get a free profit assessment of your purchases to help you make the best decisions about the number of copies you need to order. For more information, please visit our bookstore prices page. We' re one of the few publishing houses that pays 100% of the net profit for all accounts purchased through third parties such as Family Christian Stores, Lifeway, and Barnes & Noble, etc.

As a rule, retailer keep about 55% of the sales prices. The biggest Christian self-publisher in the publishing world. You can call one of our publishing advisors at 1-866-381-2665 today to help you realize your dreams of becoming a publishing writer. More than ever before, Christian beliefs are being attacked in all kinds of different forms of communication.

We will be a forum for the production of works that only maintain the Jesus Christ Bible - and no other.

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