Christian self Publishing

Self-publication by Christians

Christian Book Publishing is fast, easy and affordable. We make self-publishing fast, inexpensive and easy. Poems and biographies are also published by our own publishing house, Inscript Books. She's all alone. Traditional publishers will also receive most of the profits.

Stage One: Choose your publication pack

With our complete self-publishing bundles containing an expansive set of functionality that is indispensable for any self-published writer, our highly skilled consulting staff is prepared to help you create the ideal solution for your self-publishing needs. Our self-publishing packs are not only full of great extras, but we also provide non-exclusive agreements that give you as the writer all right to your self-published work.

So when it's a good idea to have your books collected by a conventional publisher*, you can take all your books with you - without asking you! Editorial Services can help you with preparation, proofreading, ghostwriting, translation, editing and much more! Secondly, you must send in your script, your artwork, your photograph and any other items you wish to include in your work.

NOTICE: Before sending in your submission, please read our manuscript preparation policy and the submission checklist. As soon as you have submitted your books, our pre-production staff will have all your books checked to make sure they comply with our policies. We will get in touch with you immediately if there are any problems with your data.

Usually the manufacturing of your file will take less than 90 working day as long as all your file submissions are correct. As soon as your file is accepted by our pre-production teams, it will be moved to our design group. Designed using standard settings, these award-winning professionals set your books using the questionnaires and feedbacks you have provided to them.

As soon as we have finished the first round of your project, we will send it to your authoring centre for evaluation. We' ll give you up to 100 free adjustments. After you have checked your ledger and made your adjustments, it is your turn to authorize the work.

As soon as your order is accepted, we manufacture all parts (interior, envelope, back and spine) to a finished work. You' re reading it now! Our Bookseller and Marketer will be happy to advise you on how to promote and promote your work. Once you have decided on the bestseller or elite self-publishing package, we start your advertising campaign and prepare you for the biggest trade fair in the Chinese books sector - the ICCS!

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