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List of Christian publishers

The Sweetwater Still Publishing Company and its publishing guidelines. Click here for a list of Christian frahlings. List of Christian and Catholic book publishers. The Bethany House titles are often found on the Christian bestseller lists. The two books contain author guidelines and submission procedures for publishers.

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This is a brief list of Christian publishing houses and a hyperlink to their web sites and submissions policy (if available). Receive unwanted scripts and refrain from receiving unwanted one. As many publishing houses do not openly agree to unasked suggestions or scripts, please see my paper "Submitting to Christian Publishers" for various ways to send them.

The same Christian publishers can also be included in both groups if they accept for one type but not for others (e.g. Zondervan). Acceptance of unsolicited manuscripts: A new addition to the list: Signman Publishing and its policies: Able only to enter through Writers' Edge manuscriptservice: Christian manuscripts or literature agents:

?>/span> Authors retain 100% right to their work

It is our quest to find and promote unfamiliar Christian writers who strive to achieve the greatest possible ministry that can be imagined through the use of the literal world. We as Christian publishers know that your work is more than a work. Your work is vital to us when it comes to disseminating religious and moral writing; that is why we work with our writers to give them liberty and agility throughout the publishing world.

We' re discriminating in our approaches because for each song we release, we offer personalised support and domestic advertising through a short-term, accessible month-to-month instalment scheme that must be reclaimed from the sales revenue of the books by you, the writer, before we're eligible for any royalties! I had a great publishing background.

She' s surpassed my expectation. It is highly recommended to other writers because it is highly qualified and has good client care. "A Hypothesis of Earth's and Mankind's Destinies" The important feature was the efficient comunication. I loved publishing, and my favourite parts were publishing and coversetting. Communicating with the publication specialist was outstanding!

"I was looking for a publishers who would do what they said. The cover was my favourite part of the publishing world. The communications were outstanding. I' m a publishing expert who did everything I thought and more. has surpassed my expectation. I' ve been enjoying all facets of the whole thing and looking forward to finishing each one.

"When choosing a publishing house, I chose a publishing house that best represented my work. The CFP provided what it had announced and informed about the further course of the trial. It was an outstanding and professional work, as was the entire edition. He was an outstanding publications expert and offers very good and competent consulting and support on the way there.

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