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Recommended Christian frahlings by the experienced author Mary DeMuth. List of LITERARY AGENTS REPRESENTING CHRISTIAN Authorities Case all those aspiring Christian writer Thomas Nelson's Michael Hyatt compiled lists of literary representatives representing Christian writers. These may not be all the agents that could be enumerated, but these are the forty or so agents we work with on Thomas Nelson. Although they are all Christian contributors, they do not necessarily have to be Christians themselves or solely Christian contributors.

To try an editor or get the views of other contributors, please go to or The Absolute Writer Water Cooler, two author panel discussions. Irrespective of this, this is not a suggestion. You are responsible for checking credentials and determining whether or not a particular agents is suitable for you.

Remember that agents usually require a 15% fee. You should not have to buy them until they actually sold your books to a publishers. Here's the list: HARMSWORTH, Creative Trust, Inc. The Creative Trust, Inc. The Creative Trust, Inc.

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With more than 50 years in the publishing industry - and several hundred individual author interview sessions at author conventions in the United States and Canada - I am confident that Christian authors need help at several different tiers. As a backdrop, I spent six years purchasing and distributing literature in bookshops, four years consulting Christian bookshops, asking them why they were doing well, and assisting a novelist win a publishing company for a number of exciting books.

On Monday evening, May 23rd, I received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Session. Almost an hours commentary, lyrics, vocals and videos from those I've assisted in their publishing careers: The three of them are representing God at work in the life of the writer, each in his own way to help them surmount great inconvenience.

They stand for apologists, help for families whose babies are affected by asthma, and God's wonderful way of interfering in the despairing situation of the world. As we wind our way up to the Ridgecrest Conference Center the breeze is a chill. I and my colleagues are on our way to the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Worlders Conference in Black Mountain, North Carolina, the nation's second biggest meeting of Christian authors each year.

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