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Since 2014 Murfreesboro has been used with inspiring textbooks and presents.

Closing doors as online shopping increases

A long term bricks and mortars store closes things down as it fights to compete w/ its on-line opponents. Christian Publishers Outlet, or CPO, after 25 years indicated that it would close soon. Shifting technologies and the attraction towards on-line buying have weighed on the National and Republic bookshop in Springfield and forced them to close their gates.

"It was a rather long trial with ever decreasing turnover and the like," said CPO co-owner Bruce Erdel. "After more than ten years of falling turnover, it's hard to keep it going." Technology advancements, such as on-line downloading of electronic books for books and films, together with the growing appeal of e-books - has led to a displacement in general purchasing behavior.

"Erdel said, "Internet buying is a power to be reckoned with. "It all seems to be going on-line these days," said Brian Ash, President of Marketing at Calibrate. "It is therefore a true test for a brickworks and mortars business to measure up. To do that, they have to provide something someone can't get online."

Although the business says it has made many changes and adaptations, turnover has declined over the years. "The technological change in our key market of CD, DVD and book production alone has put a heavy burden on them," says Erdel. "An increasing number of consumers want to buy their pyjamas - they don't want to go out of the house," says Ash.

However, the CPO employees say that the place was more than just a place to go shopping. "It is a genuine struggle - we are thankful for the possibility of serving the Ozark fellowship over the past 25 years," said Erdel. "We have infused our hearts and souls, so it's kind of sad," said Erdel.

It will be shut on Wednesday, but will be reopened for winding-up on Thursday.

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