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Pages in category "Christian Publishers" Abilene Christian University Press. Christian contemporary book publisher, marketing and sales in the UK. The CKN Christian Publishing is a new imprint of Wolfpack Publishing, dedicated to bringing healthy Christian novels to our readers. This student of a Christian school in Romania gets to know divine life with the ICP Character Code for Life series. Publishing in China - a great opportunity.

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When you are an editor looking for a publishing house for your script, the following firms are currently looking for new talents. To obtain guidance and information on submitting a script, please consult the publisher's website. As such, the publishers are not represented by or able to respond to questions regarding their policy.

Acceptance of scripts in the categories: as well as prayers, Christian life and growth. Acceptance of scripts in the following categories: Cristian life, inspiration, growth, devotion, children. As well as supporting writers in publishing and printing high-quality titles, Certa Publishing also provides writers with the latest possibilities in the market.

Acceptance of scripts in the following categories: CrossLink, a licensed company, offers a very author-friendly and open-ended publishing workflow, using the entire lifecycle of authoring technologies, from submitting scripts to tracking revenues and licensing fees. eLectio Publishers is a traditionally independant journal that is looking for both the first and second edition for both Christian and neat laymen.

There is a default filing procedure; please see our website for more information and filing guidance, which includes our FAQ section. Acceptance of scripts in all catagories. We' re a long-established publishers devoted to the publication of radical Bible titles, no mater how conflicting these titles may be, in all styles. Of the above, if you have a finished scripture that you believe is radical and must be publicized, please send us an e-mail along with a one-page abstract and short biography by.

When we take your order, you will get a publishers agreement and possibly a deposit in full! Acceptance of the following types of manuscripts: non-fiction. Partner publishers looking for high-quality scripts. Each of the selected publications will be designed, edited, marketed, promoted nationally and locally and distributed worldwidely. It is our top priorities to provide our writers with first-class assistance and to provide all our titles with effective promotional and advertising activities that deliver results.

Acceptance of scripts in the following categories: The aim of First Steps Publishing is to produce high standard products, even those that have difficulty locating a home in conventional market. It is our pleasure to work with writers who are enthusiastic about their work, willing to work harder and have the wish to make their work public in the wider public.

Acceptance of anthologies in the following categories: sacred, religious, mature and children's literature. HPI has been helping many writers meet their publication objectives since 2002. Publication of a HPI guide means that you will be led through the whole chain, from selecting the best publication choices to using the most efficient online advertising media management tool.

This and as a writer you keep all permissions and controls around the publication of your work. Acceptance of scripts in most catagories. REVEVIVAL Waves of glory focuses on providing more release choices. Our products include handmade paperback and hardcover booklets, audiobooks and e-books all over the globe.

Revival Waves is a long-established licensed publishers offering self-publication opportunities and a very author-friendly and open publication workflow in which President Bill Vincent is part of the entirety of your work. Every writer is different, so we never make generics or other parts of the script. And we are looking for missionary thinkers who want to help the Christ figure.

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