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Just Christianity by C.S. Lewis, Crazy Love: Are you looking for Christian non-fiction? Search a list of books marked by our club members as "Christian non-fiction" to find the best Christian non-fiction. Write the Christian non-fiction: Das Christian Writer's Manual of Style :

Christian top books from 2017: Twelve new non-fiction publications

After another year of publication, we were lucky enough to have a large library of new works in 2017. These top Christian textbooks range from autobiography to self-help and date counseling to satisfy your literacy needs. We have many choices written by today's most gifted artists, voices, pastors and minds.

Browse through and find the next volume for your readinglist. When it comes to consolation, pardon and tranquillity, Max Lucado has authored some of the best Christian literature. Authors have a preference for making complicated concepts so easy that a kid can comprehend them. Lucado not only writes for kids, but has also made a successful professional journey by assisting grown-up faithful to better grasp graces, the Christmas tale and Christian outreach.

Eric Metaxas is a good author if you would like to read bios or find out more about America's Christianity. Metaxas made our 2017 listing of the best Christian textbooks with the life of another well-known Christian faithful, Martin Luther. While most Christians are familiar with some of the high points of Luther's engagement with the Protestant Reformation, this volume is full of fascinating detail that will inspire today's scholar.

The first thing we need to do when it comes to beginning a new way of living or bringing about a transformation is to overcome the anxiety that stands between us and God's plea. The frustration is that today we are living in a global environment where it has never been quicker or simpler to say something that could ruin a person's lives.

This is one of the best Christian biographies of one of the greatest Christian musician of all times. In his three years in Christian literature, Steven Curtis Chapman has received a number of accolades and accolades, but this is the first book he has thought about his entire printing work.

The reader will see everything from his days on the way to fighting families, while Chapterman tells his past biography. Those you take after 12 laps with the dirt and injured that lives unavoidably throw its way. One of the most productive Christian writers to write today, it is no wonder Mark Batterson's work is on the 2017 Best Christian Book Listing.

The Circle Maker is one of the most beloved Christian novels of recent times and has published a number of related works. In 2016, the writer also wrote the much-loved "Chase the Lion". Much of today's most important Christian literature focuses on guidance and communications. Now that the worid seems to get madder every single morning, Christians can look to our home and have it.

A well-respected Christian writer, John Eldredge has authored such renowned works as "Wild at Heart" and "Captivating". St. John is a well-loved Christian blogsetter, podcast artist and writer who has become a favorite female voices over the years. Becoming MomStrong" is her latest work, taking what the writer has learnt from years of parenthood and conversation with the woman, and using it to take the mother to a place of new power and a place of new visions.

This is 12 of the best new Christian publications of 2017, which range from fear and date to the forthcoming happiness in heaven. Not all of the Christian top titles of 2017 are of course non-fiction titles. To see some of the best offers of the year in storytelling, go to our previous play about New Christian Fictionooks.

Anything you want to include in your readinglist, you get a good edge on big new ones by trying one or more of these tracks.

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