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BooksWorms is a new program from Faith & Life where teachers submit a wish list of books they want for their classrooms. Share the best things in life.


Christian Life Collegium Bookstore's vision is to provide a place of academical and spiritual service to our fellow Christian Life Center members, teachers and members by creating a place for encounters and communion. This will also benefit the studency by supplying text books, classroom and ministry materials for further study progress and ministry work.

Pictures from the unbelievable 2017-2018 study year of Christian Life College.

Habitat | Bread of Life Bookshop

At Bread of Life Bookstore we stock recently released titles and works from almost all Christian publishers as well as a large choice of classic music. Call us for more information or just drop by to see our complete stock. We only offer the highest qualitiy product to ensure that you will be happy with your shopping - and when you buy a one-off present from our range of fairly traded goods, you are also feeling good about making sure that you pay fairly to manufacturers in emerging world.

You can be sure that we have the best possible present for these challenging moments in your life. Visit the Bread of Life Bookstore today to find out more and talk to our seasoned employees about everything we have to say. Carry your trust with our top of the range T-shirts, ballcaps and hoodie!

In the historic downtown of Greenville, Ohio, we have been offering a large selection of bibles, textbooks, presents, cards, musical instruments, jewellery and sacred accessories for over 30 years to help our fellowship and inspire you to go with or seek God.

Shreveport, LA Christian Life Bookstore Locations & Opening Hours

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