Christian Freelance Writing Jobs

Chancer Freelance Writing Jobs

Locate freelance Bible-based devotional writing jobs & projects. You are looking for Christian freelance writers with a sporting background. There are Christian writing opportunities in many places and all you need is to choose the best one. To become a great freelancer, read this tutorial. In search of Christian Freelance Writing Jobs:

Forty-three publications that reward freelance writers

Writing in religion and spirituality ranges from harsh message reports to life-style plays for certain types of demographic religion. No matter whether you are interested in writing specifically on religion or are looking for an audience that understands where you come from, these 43 papers are a good starting point. Anyone new to the freelancers?

Ensure that you know the fundamentals of who and how to do the pitching before publishing. Edited by the Institute for Religion and Public Life, First Things is a traditional and intoxicating volume offering mainly Christian and Judaic perspective. Opinions, items and review books are accepted in printed and on-line form.

It is a Jesuit-led book with a Latin Catholics public. By Writer's market, it is paying competitively priced. An amazing quaterly journal that examines various kinds of buddhistic notions. It' also worthwhile for high-quality on-line contents. "There are also a number of life-style postings in the month's issue, ranging from prescriptions to educational advice.

It'?s $100-500 apiece. A biweekly printed journal with themes of relevance to Protestant Protestants. Pay $100-300 for unasked items and $50 per poet. Azizah, a bi-monthly printed journal for Moslem womens, features tales of inspiring womens, life-style themes ranging from cash to eating to religious considerations. They pay competitively priced prices.

The bi-monthly life style mag is aimed at Christian mums. Pay 10 to 20 eurocent per words. Imagine a nice printed book that presents writing and artwork that is not necessarily sacred but rather sacred. Pay $10 per page for non-fiction and literature and $2 per line for poems. Bi-monthly life style for Christians in the 1920s and 1930s.

It is not relevant for web items, but for items in the printed mag. U.S. Atlantic is a month-long publication for an U.S. Catholics public concerned with community equity and population. It' paying a minimal of $200 for non-fiction and literature, and $75 for poems. It'?s 35c per week.

It is a UK-based Christian life style female journal. It is a website for Catholics. Pay $100-500. The bi-monthly, multi-religious printed journal is not "new age-y" and provides smart contributions on a wide range of issues at the interface of the two.

The Tablet is a day-to-day on-line publication for Jews' messages, thoughts and cultures. Unauthorized free expressions of opinions will not be accepted. It is an ecological journal covering the interfaces between policy, belief and cultural life. It' paying $100-$150 for web music. "Pay about $100 per item. This is a website for Christian girls.

A Protestant journal released 10x a year with strong on-line contents, Christianity Today is probably the most widely reading Protestant-Christian work. The Who Pays writer reported that authors are charged between two and 17 cent per work. It is a month-long journal that declares and protects the Catholics.

Pay $100-$500 per item. The Charisma is a printed weekly journal aimed at Christians in Pentecostal or non-preferential Christian congregations and, according to the list of authors' markets, others who are interested in a "charismatic renewal" of the ecclesi. An author reports 26 Cent per words. By talking to professionals, it can be a very challenging breaking markets, but paying competitively priced.

It'?s $25-100 apiece. This is a weekly newspaper for Prebyterian womens, Horizons looking for interview, article and Bible-studies. Published every three months, this publication is devoted to Christianity from a Reformation view. The author's guideline is "not a theatre periodical in itself, but a widely read historical magazine".

" It'?s five pennies a second. This is a Latin Catholics book presenting the latest developments and considerations on topics of relevance to contemporary Catholics. Pay 12-15 Cent per words. Lookout is a printed week-long Christian adult journal from a theological, religiously and conservatively view. Pay 11 cent a second. A bi-monthly journal for a Catholics interested in the Middle East, especially its contemporary religions, cultures and politics.

Pay 20 eurocents a second. The Montgomery region of Alabama is a month-long journal for Protestants. The book deals with themes of Christian life. Pay $25-50 per item. The Benedictine monks of St. Peter's Abbey in Saskatchewan, Canada, publish this one-week Roman catholic work. Pay $70 per item or $30 per poet.

St. Anthony Messenger is a month-to-month Romansh family magazine designed to help its readership live a more complete life, both personally and in Christianity. Pay twenty pennies a line or two dollars a line for lyric. Point is the offical journal of Converge, the Baptist General Assembly. The newsletter is issued four time a year and reports on confessional and confessional events.

Mennomedia, editor of Mennonite Church Canada and Mennonite Church USA, publishes this month's work. In accordance with the author's guide, the book searches for real histories and poems that fit their mothership. It'?s $25-$50 apiece. The EFCA Today is a quaterly electronic journal about confessional messages.

Pay 23 eurocents a second. It is a denominational publications on congregational governance and service messages from the General Council of Assemblies of God. It' paying up to 15 cent a second. The bimonthly journal deals with questions of the presbyterian people. It' paying $75-300 per item. A biweekly printed journal reporting on "Anglican Communion, Culture Research and Teaching".

" It'?s $25-100 apiece. The Free Methodist Church-USA publishes Light and Life on a month-by-month basis. It' paying $50 an item. In the commentaries, please divide other religious publications!

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