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Fiction for the literary set. Refresh your reading list with this list of Christian fiction authors, including new, old, historical and other types of Christian fiction. In search of great Christian fiction books? This is a blog for writers and readers of international Christian fiction. Fiction can be a difficult genre to master.

List of the best Christian novelists

Refresh your readinglist with this Christian fiction writers directory, which includes new, old, historical and other Christian fiction. The Christian fiction experienced an upswing in the twentieth, especially in the fifties. It is still fashionable today, and even an atheist will be amazed to know that some of her favourite writers are regarded as Christian fiction writers, such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

"Fictional Christianity" does not necessarily mean that a textbook is about Jesus Christ or even about Christians. It means that the history of the text follows the topics of Christianity. Now that Nook, Kindle and iPad with iBooks have been introduced, it' s getting back on track. The purpose of this is to help both longtime and novice users discover (and rediscover) some of the best Christian novelists of all times.

Which are some of the most popular Christian novelists? Have a look at this shortlist of the best Christian writers to find out. However, if you get a novel from one of these renowned Christian writers, you won't want to write it down!

Honorable Christian Fiction Authors | News

One popular way to pass the time is to drink a nice glass of refreshing tea while you read a great read on a hot sunny afternoon (or any other day). I' ve really learnt to appreciate Christian writers and their talents, to capture an audiences and to give a lot of faithful hopes, loves and joys.

There are writers I have a tendency to make me think and give me a good news that encourages me to go on my way with Christ. so see what you think of my shortlist of the top 15 Christian fiction writers. Prence is quickly becoming a favourite writer through her six novels released.

Their latest is SCARS, which deals with the beginning of the end of the earth, and many of their other works concentrate on the incidents described in the Revelation text. She has authored over 95 publications, won many prizes and worked for Bethany House Publishers only.

Born in Montana, she has defined the subject for her novels in various states and her latest work, Quarryman's Bride, is playing in Scotland. is a gifted author who has recently become more famous. The Shack, his first novel, was for his six kids and he was amazed when it was released offical.

Since then he has learnt to believe in his talents and to develop and is active in the development of new literature. With his first novel, The Presence, Davis Bunn won a large public and became a best-seller in Germany. Currently he is a Writer in Residence at Regent's Park College at Oxford University. Among his bestsellers are The Great Divide, Winner Take All, The Meeting Place, The Warning, The Reserve of Hours and The Quilt.

Jenkins is the co-author of the left behind with Tim LaHaye and has over 150 tracks to his name. He' a gifted novelist, mystery novelist and children' s adventureist. For years Beverly Lewis has been a popular novelist among kids, teenagers and grown-ups.

Wrote over 80 novels and gave thousands of writers great hopes. Much of her book has been turned into films for the Hallmark Channel. His first two book episodes came to fruition and he has maintained the New York Times bestselling book lists for 12 of which 7 are non-fiction.

Its best-known fiction publications are: Française Rivers composed her first volume to announce her Christian beliefs and immediately made bestseller listings. Her work has included the RITA Award, Christy Award, ECPA Gold Medallion and the Holt Medallion in Honor of Outstanding Literary Talent.

A gifted Christian writer, Lynn Austin concentrates on historic Christian literacy. Hidden Places has been made into a film for the Hallmark Channel and her supporters are growing. It has been honored with eight Christy Awards for Excellence in Christian Fiction. More than 60 volumes have been published by Wanda E. Brunstetter about the amic people.

The reader enjoys her book, which is inspired by certain Amic societies in the United States, as she has spend many years getting to know each other and their way of being. By the mid-2000s her lover-improvements, which included Love's Abiding Joy, Love's Long Journey, Love's Enduring Promise and Love's Unending Legacy, were shot for the Hallmark Channel.

It has written over 70 volumes and 32 have been published in 14 different tongues. Wilson has worked with Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick on several bestsellers, among them Fireproof and Façing the Giants. It provides the reader with a one-of-a-kind opportunity to address difficult topics using the Bible as a basis for his work.

It is Debbie Macomber who has been thrilling a large Christian women's public for years with her inspirational stories. A lot of girls have learnt to believe in trust and charity through their work. Cedar Cove is the basis of The Hallmark Channel's first drama TV show. It was very literate and had a singular way of navigation and mass typing for the crowds of people.

Aleksey Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick are brethren who have passed the Christian fellowship through their writings and work. Her work includes Fireproof, Façing the Giants, Flying Wheel and Courageous. You have worked on many joint ventures and are now concentrating on educating the next generations of Christian moviemakers.

They are at the top of my agenda because they have been able to influence so many men, and they keep glorifying God in their work. The one thing I noticed when I read about these writers was that many of them began their career by taking a jump of belief. All of them come from different background and have not gone the same way to be released a dozen time, but have concentrated their work on the Bible and where God is taking them.

Suppose we had all responded to God's call and could affect others as these people have. Who are your favourite writers and how did they affect your lives?

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