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What was most important to me about the CFP was that it was a Christian publisher, the reviews I read about the CFP, which were all very positive. Consumer Reviews, Complaints, Customer Service. Publisher: Blue Deco Verlag, Christian Faith Verlag I' m informed that lawyers from the Writers' Guild have also approached Mrs. Nye. Every applicant has been given legal reversals, and all but two have been compensated (both believe they have disposals, but Ms Nye says they are not doing it;

they have chosen to post it as a waste and move on).

Blue Deco's history also shows why it can be dangerous to deal with publishing companies that are primarily one- or two-person companies. Christian Faith Publishing, as the name suggests, is aimed at Christian writers: "in discovering and marketing unfamiliar Christian scribes who want to achieve the greatest possible effect that can be imagined through the use of the literal world.

" She calls herself a "full-service publishing house" - a deceptive assertion, because the writers have to make "a minimum investment". At what level? Whilst the investments our approved writers are asked to make to get a work onto the global shelves vary according to the subtleties of each work, all of our writers are lucky enough to produce, distribute and commercialise their work through a short-term, accessible instalment scheme that must be collected from the sales revenue of the work by the writer before we are eligible for any royalties!

How much do the editors get for these huge surcharges? However, naïve editors may not recognize this, because CFP not only takes care to describe itself as a "publisher", but also promises that it is "very selective" and that the editors will have "availability" in "points of sale". While his website reveals that contributors have to foot the bill, this is hidden in the FAQ section and therefore overlooked.

Combine these deceptive features with the fact that Christian authors tend to rely on a business that recognizes itself as a Christian, and you have a flawless honeysaddle. Perhaps a certain Oklahoma-based Christian vanity publisher who recently went bust amid thousand objections of non-payment and other crime and whose holders were subsequently charged w/ several capital offense counts, inc. misappropriation?

And if so, you may not be surprised that the CFP's founding president, Chris Rutherford, is a former Tate Publishing Alumnus. In his LinkedIn role, the youngest is Chief Business Development Officer (although one should be aware of the Tate name's lack of strategy): at the firm, although nothing like what came out in 2016 - and CFP began in 2014.

The CFP does not appear to have released anything until mid-2015; according to Amazon, it only released eight volumes this year, but it went into full bloom in 2016 when I began to get into it. Writers looking for good reviews will find them easily: e.g. at the German Federal Bureau of Civil Aviation (BBB) or at the numerous testonials on CFP's own website.

But like all the other publishing houses, the CFP depends on deception and lack of knowledge to attract writers who may not know that they are not really registering with a "full-service publishing house", or that they could get what the CFP is offering elsewhere at a lower price, or that the CFP's stated Christian mandate is a type of publicity to which Christian writers are unrivalled.

Acknowledging that there are as many systems, fraud and fraudulent ministries in Christian publishing as in other market. Only because a person or firm announces their faith does not mean that they are treating you fairly or offering you a rewarding experience at a sensible cost. Indeed, in relation to sales and sales, faith is secondary.

CFP s only provide junkmarketing and use exactly the same sales channel as all others.

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