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Christian Faith Publishing, as the name suggests, is aimed at Christian writers: is a full-service book publisher with offices and operations in the USA and Canada. John Faith Publishing, Inc. Complaints / Complaints I used publishing in 2016 by Christian Faith Publishing (CFP), and my volume was released in the autumn of this year. I' ve had a two-year deal with CFP that, if I don't want to extend my deal, all my email will be sent back "immediately" at no charge to me.

On 6 and 13 June 2018 I sent Erin S********, who was said to me that she would deal with my question, two e-mails asking for this in vain. In addition, I have asked in my e-mails and voice mails for all not yet transferred royalties/months from the sales of my books to be sent to me immediately, which has not yet happened!

My subsidiary and I concluded a contract with Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. Under the terms of the contract, the editors will review and revise our work. Editorial Review of the timeline publishing process: An experienced journalist will thoroughly review my manuscripts for grammar questions, etc. After signing the contract, my script was given back to me with enormous mistakes, grammar problems, Puncturing problems and so on.

B. I had CFP send me my script to do the editing when I was paying $3,445. It took me one and a half years to write my work. D. I had to put the CFP under a lot of strain to get the firm to do the editing on my work.

Latest Update: 1. I informed Shalanda G*********** in an e-mail that she would give me an actual version about the general opinion..... So I purchased a nearly $4k publishing suite that contained copy writing, editorial, internal page layout, artwork and publishing with a May 1 warranty from my friend Shalanda G************.

That was a basic requirement for publishing with them. In the last weeks of May I received a copy of the volume, which was full of mistakes, typing mistakes and mistakes in it. Then I was said they were just self-published and I could mail them the source files I sent them 6 month ago and they would just do it.

Since then I have found that their service can be done for a few hundred bucks for easy self-publication. I have never done the job professionally for my work, but I was still billed while I've been maintaining 7 of them! It'?s the amount of cash put into the ledger. Not the same level of print product workmanship.

It was also badly promoted before and after it was released in bookshops like Barnes and Noble. Also, there was no commercial advertising for the work, as applied for or indicated, that would turn out to be vital advertising for the work. My released Christian Faith is a daypler for 2018.

Others that were resold to clients also failed, so I sent my publishing co-ordinator an email regarding my request and she said that **********, the reseller, would not reimburse the writer for the purchase I made, unless the book was corrupted at the moment of shipment. Christian Faith won't fix or afford the planners' repairs.

I' ve got a deal from another publisher that says I can still modify my books after they are published, which is the norm for a serious comany. I' ve asked them to return my funds, but they've never sent anything or even an email back. I' ve been telling them that a volume can come out much quicker and so can filming.

If I was editing my work, they said they wouldn't be editing it. I made a treaty with the Christian faith on 8.10.2016 for 3500 dollars to sign my Autobiographie, but before I signed the treaty. I' ve been telling it to the agents because it's a real history.

Others have said that I should seek counsel before publishing my work. Back then she said I didn't have to do this because they have a full judicial division for the problems. When I could speak to her law office and I was informed that she had given me the wrong information and that she had no law office for the problems.

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