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Favourite eBook Bible Studies. eBook Edition eBook Edition. Bestsellers in Christian eBooks & Bibles. Get inspired and grow in your faith with high-quality Christian books by popular authors such as Max Lucado, Lysa TerKeurst and Gary Chapman.

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According to the latest Bookstats review, twenty per cent of all book sales last year were made electronically. That means that ebooks are still on the up. Although it will not substitute the good old textbooks, the ebooks' bullish tendency has provided a new forum for us to carry our messages - that God is most praised in us when we are most pleased in Him.

During the last year we have made 14 new tracks available as ebooks only, all free of charge, in three different data types, suitable for every type of portable devices you use. It featured special curatorial contents by John Piper on specific subjects, newly formatted individual letters, combination contributions from senior ministers, and basic lessons from Piper's body, as well as completely rewritten introduction to it.

Subjects include preaching, advising on marriages and the impact of C.S. Lewis. Bottom is the complete listing of our exclusivity e-book last year. Here you have the opportunity to dowload those you may have failed to see and help us spread the news if you like.

Updatebook: Recently we added two new ebooks, which are available for free:

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A couple of P.I.'s have to claim to be in sweet sorrow on a crusade in the Carribean on a Honeymoon to capture a murderer, but what happens when fantasy changes? The former Navy SEAL, Callum McKenzie, fights to open himself to it. They hire someone on the advice of a boyfriend, but when they meet the dainty lone parent, Callum has concerns.

Is belief going to make the difference between life and work? Nobuhiro, her father's trainee, seems to be the perfect candidate, but Sen wants a Christian spouse, because Christianity is forbidden. However, when Sen is looking for Christian locals, he must save them from a secret group of anti-Christian marauders. Fall-ing for a Christian Doom's conciliation with his own fathers, who has to impose the prohibition.

After being asked to wed her sister's widow and become the mum of her kids, Lila is leaving the group. As the bishop approached her just a few moments after the burial and asked her to take her sister's place as Hannah's grief husband's spouse and a mom for her kids, Lila panicked and ran away.

As the strange, good-looking foreigner she sees at Hannah's burial comes across her in the city, her life is turned on its head in a way she could never have thought it would be, and she asks herself: What would Hannah do? These four love novels are Christian, based on mythical Bible writings. Occurrences in our life, both good and evil, make circles in us like the circles in a forest.

While helping us to name obstacles in our lifes - such as blame, low self-esteem and perfectism - he shows us how to find liberty from our sorrow and live the rich way of living that God wants for us. Dougherty is planning every detail of her entire career. Tess makes a new plot as her ideal worid dissolves: vanish.

First she is deterred by the slowness of small-town living in the south. There' a way to live a better way. The best-selling writer Dr. David Jeremiah reveals God's transformation policy in A Live Beyond Amazing and challenging you to make nine important choices that will affect your hearts, lives and worlds.

When she was almost sixteen years old, she decided to leave after her mother's death in silence and look for her uncle Virgil in Oregon. Horseback one last preacher as he fights once again with his belief in a sacrilege. Peter, an extraordinarily smart young high scholar boy, is drawn into an quest where he and a few pals have to complete a number of very daring mysteries and mysteries.

Peter's brain, which has an astonishing ability to solve problems, is needed to rescue the earth. The word's evolu-tion is an unbelievable value: the reader receives not only a profoundly enlightening new volume by the writer of the New Testament but also the full text of the New Testament - and one of the few Bibles that are organised in chronic order and contain descriptive notes that give the reader a better comprehension of the Scriptures that are so dear to him.

Will the Christmas witchcraft help her listen to the tunes again? She shared her passion for it with her dad, but after losing him on Christmas Eve two years ago, she no longer has any interest in it. Returning to her home town of Charles Town, West Virginia, she helps her mom rescue the antiques store and focus on her work.

But when she becomes friends with an appealing lone parent during an accidental meeting with a lovely five-year-old, Melody begins to understand that she has put her own lives on ice, something her sire would never have wanted. In her time of bereavement, Jamie Bryan, a fireman widowed who died on this horrible date, found a purpose by voluntarily signing up at St. Paul's, the commemorative band opposite the road where the Twin Towers once were.

aggie Montgomery is living a lifetime of adventures. Sophia' s whole project was scheduled - but her plans didn't involve her getting dumped or ending up in Dakota Territory. It' a term we all like to listen to. Our world without them is arid and powdery. However, when mercy comes, it turns our world into something real and beauty.

Pastor Chuck Smith unveils the secret of mercy with remarkably good insights from his own lives and unveils the unexpected truth: "We can never thrive in mercy on our own. Genuine mercy is flowing from the Father's core through the charity of Jesus Christ. This is mercy - and that makes our lives liveable.

Like any 20-year-old, Trinity Pruitt was as thrilled on her way to a new lease of life with her mom, Beth, and her dad, Michael, along the Oregon Trail. Well, with an end to the lives they had been expecting to bring to the west, what could be done but just to live?

Post-it memos and planing are the very essence of Evie's work. However, when she sees Jack, her whole existence becomes more than a little bit difficult. Evies firefighter was murdered thirteen years ago in the line of duty so that she could bring up her little boy named Çody alone. He now marries the passion of his own live, and as he grabs his things, the place is feeling as empty as Evie's own soul.

But, with all her design and organisational abilities, Evie could never have foreseen the drastic change in her aura. As a Vatican guard group of rogues is made aware of his detection, the Vatican cleric escapes to the Holy Land with a hint.... a hint that will take him and a crew of Israelis to a much bigger mystery in the barren Negev desert.

And the end of the earth. On the horizon, the only stripe of the cross is Blake Kendall, a new visitor who makes her believe in it.

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