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The Christian book publishers offer publishing contracts with licence fees. You do not publish fiction except for children's literature. Interested in Christian children's books? Embassador International Christian Publishing is dedicated to the production of theological, devotional, biographical, inspiring, fictional and children's literature. The Elk Lake has over seventy authors and more than a hundred books in print.

19 best publishers in Christians

There are 19 active manuscript searchers of all sorts. The majority of these publications are old-fashioned, but I have some on this page that are hybrids (half self-publishers and half old-fashioned publishers) and also some that are self-publishers. As there are pros and cons to both ways of getting published, I recommend that you do your research for each of them and make a prior decision as to what kind of editor you are looking for.

The Zondervan is the golden norm of Christendom publishers. You are a Harper Collins office that leaves the might of one of the largest publishers behind you. You want me to name a little, they've released Rick Warren, Rob Bell and Hal Lindsey. The authors of the book include a wide range of genre publications, among them childrens literature, novels, fiction and noncommittal literature, as well as memoirs.

The new YA print Blink Young Adult is particularly recommended. Current sample books: "Move " by Greg L Hawkins and Cally Parkinson, a non-fiction volume that examines 1,000 churchgoers to see if they really are getting there. Baker has 6 prints, and everyone releases something different.

This is Revell-it' s a form of streamlined, broad-minded film. The Bethany House - they release fictional version of Bethany House, which means it has more powerful musical harmonics, with a powerful ethical cipher. Selected - this is what Baker refers to as a "spirit empowered" impression, which means that they release materials that are either characteristic or Pentecostal.

The Baker Books is a non-fiction book. Emphasis is placed on meditative treatment of Christian life. You will also release large bloggers' name and minister-ressources. That'?s Baker's finest print. Bravos Baker - This book also includes scholarly papers, but is intended for both inside and outside the university world. The Intervarsity Press does not concentrate on Christian life in the mainstream world.

It concentrates more on what they call contemplative Christmas literature, volumes about churches, cultures and missions. Some of the publications released by Intervarsity: VJK is leaning toward progressives, especially when it comes to societal expenditures, so if you are right-wing, this is probably not the best publisher for you.

Looking for questions of society through a world view, devotion, spirituality, and they also have an academical affiliation. These have a beautiful print named "Flyaway Books", which concentrates on children's literature. While not all children's literature is explicitly devotional, they all have good news and themes that concern them.

Example title of WJK: Kregel is looking for general articles about life in Christianity. Example title: Her Gilead Impressum concentrates on modern Christendom and they are looking for both conventional CBA literature and literature. They have also just launched a very nice new print, hopefully with a great hit - Enclave Press, focusing on Sci-Fi and fantasy.

Hello, I am John Fox, the creator of Bookfox, and I offer editorial services for Christians. I am an experienced writer, former lecturer at several European Christians colleges and journalist who will help you to enhance your work. A slogan like "Helping Kids Thrive" might suggest that this is a publishing house for kids' literature (they used to be named "Sparkhouse Family" and recently change their name).

You can see that they have a tendency towards non-fiction with powerful lesson plans and information for them. The Herald Press is a Mennonite editor and they are looking for a book from an Anabaptist view. Please note: You are not looking for university degrees. Example title: It is a rather large Christendom owned company located in Grand Rapids Michigan.

You are looking for children's literature, cultural and religious, counselling and counselling and modernity. You don't do memoirs or literature. Example title: And if you want to make your devotion public, I would highly commend this publishing house. You are looking for genuine, sensual devotions that investigate what it means to be a true Christian.

You will also have published works on the subject of sacred education: You have an ultra-rugged poesy publisher named Poiema. When you have Christendom writing, I would strongly suggest purchase any of their product and see if your product of Christendom poem would be a advantage area. Cascade's legal notice has published a large number of non-fiction titles.

They publish their slant imprints as literature, but they only have a few tracks at the moment. They did tell me, however, that they want to extend their literature offers, so look at what they have previously posted and hand it in while they are in distress. Fortunately, they only have one submissions site, and the editorial staff will determine which masthead your publication is suitable for.

and the Moody Bible Institute (even I attended a distance learning course in Biblical Hebrew from them aeons ago). However, does your industry fit with your reputations in other companies? You have a good family tree since they were established in 1894, and they have a good name mark appreciation among the folks you want to buy your novels.

You also have a good barn of writers like John MacArthur, A.W. Tozer and Gary Chapman. Overall, I' d value this as a pretty big publisher to go with. One of the bonuses is that they embrace a wide range of non-fiction and literature. The following is accepted for their category of fiction:

Kids, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, YA (Young Adult) and Mysstery. Example title: ┬┐How Should Christians' Vote? by Tony Evans. The majority of Christians begin with the issue of who to choose rather than how to choose - in other words, what is the principle to decide who to choose?

If you are interested in Dove Christians Publishers, this means that some of their titles are traditional and do not burden the writer, and others are self-publications, which means that they burden you with them for publication. It publishes literature and non-fiction and does not offer any advance payments. You say that they are looking for writers with a kind of online publishing site, but also for works that are well received in the Chinese arena.

You say that some of them can last up to 12 month, but most need 4 - 6 month for publishing (12 month would be a regular timeframe, while 4 - 6 month in the sector are very fast). There are 25% royalty on e-books, which is industrial standards (although some independent publishing houses go up to 50%), and 10% - 15% royalty on natural history/physics.

Example title: An excellent self-help guide that helps single persons to find the right partners and those who want to remain marrie. Approximately half of their books are paperback books, and the others are only released as e-books - which is important if you really need your books in the press. A number of Bethany House books have a poor repudiation of just dome literature, and that is not at all Bethany House; most of their literature does not even refer to open topics of religion in the description, although the undertone of Christianity is present in the work.

The Atonement by Beverly Lewis has the classic Amis costume on the cover: Example title: Heritage of Michael Phillips (fiction, volume no. 1 of a series). Cross Link Publishers make it very simple to send in a script. You are also very open about the nature of the agreement you would receive, and publish a model authorship on their website.

They' re sale their product at a beautiful low cost component - a Ninja mom's confession on Amazon sold for $4. 84, which implementation your assertion would be by a interval than berth if you oversubscribed at $15. 00 for a book. Arouse your power, a Christ-centered devotion that aims to enhance your management qualities costs $3. 99 (!!!).

That manifesto that you know a little more about their publication philosophies, which includes a duty of total visibility and that writers should make a choice about their books within 7 working day (a benchmark in the industry!). Please refer to the commentaries at the end of this article to find out about other authors' experience with this company.

Overall, I think this is a better option for non-fiction than literature. There were not many literature books they released, and it was difficult for me to find out the bid for the books they have. Example title: Prophet's Ascension (Fiction). Revelation (non-fiction) looks at peace from a Bible point of view, from Genesis to Revelation.

This website is a bit rundown, but since they have just released their 40th track, they can't do it bad. They' re a self-publisher like Christian Faith publishing, so if you want to buy to have them release your product, they could be right for you. The authors release a number of literature books, among them the genres:

Example title: "Oh, Those Chinaberries" by Hilda Sanderson (Young Adult - YA - Fiction). omas Nelson is a really sound editor, one of the best. Nelson has published major writers such as John Eldridge of Wild at Heart and Sarah Young of Jesus Calling, as well as Shauna Niequist, Max Lucado and the Jesus Storybook Bible for children, which has just gone on sale 2 million times.

Example title: teffe Farrar, manna: Fahthwords described itself as a caterer for the "Christian inspiration market". "You can summarize that by one of their most beloved authors: Concerning literature, its best-known writer is Paul Young, who has written "The Shack", and Ted Dekker.

Thus they hit a much wider consumer book segment than more traditional Protestant publishers such as Thomas Nelson and Zondervan. It is more like self-help in combination with a lightweight Christmas wood ply. Example title: Partaclete is a Christendom based publishers looking for literature, a large number of non-fiction and poems. They don't take children's literature, homilies or comments.

These are two example titles:

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