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We' re a Christian book publisher based in Singapore. Do you write an inspiring or Christian book? Did you ask yourself: "How can I publish my Christian book? When you are an author who wants to publish a Christian book, a partnership with a Christian publisher may be an option. Books, Christian Book Publishing, Christian eBook Publishing, Books Publishing.

Christlicher Book Publisher

You are the writer of a Christian book? Are you trying to inspirit, lift up and re-connect the reader with Jesus Christ and God? Perhaps if so, we would be interested in publishing your work and share God's work. We are an independant book publisher with comprehensive services and readership all over the globe.

You can have your book published in eBook, softcover and audio book sizes. This means we don't levy any charges and make all our profit from the sale of your book to the reader. It is our pleasure to share the Bible with people all over the globe and to share it with them. Your work can be published in eBook, Hardback and Audio book file sizes within 90 or less working hours (provided your work is fully processed and operational).

We will let you know if your script needs to be edited, edited, edited or proofread before publication. We' re not going to hurry up a project just to meet a date when the book isn't finished. We' re proud to bring your book to the reader quickly, but first and foremost we' re keen to make sure we're doing the work.

A lot of Christian book publishing houses are actually publishing houses of conceit. Rather than making their profit by the sale of textbooks, they make their profit by the sale of their costly writers' work. This lets you with a big bill to be paid with little to no bookstores to show for it. When you want your book to be professional and get a large audiences of interested people to do something different with your work, you need to work with a publishing company like us that specializes in the distribution and commercialization of literature in the United States and the world.

We' re currently receiving Christian book applications. At the moment we are unable to release any Christian poems or works of Christian theater. Are you willing to take Christian scripts? Yes, we welcome non-solicited scripts in all important categories and non-fiction titles, as well as Christian literature and non-fiction.

So where are you going to put my Christian book? Alberta publishes Amazon Kindle in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, France, Japan, India and many other nations. Printed copies will be available in North America, Europe, South America and other markets. Audio book is released in the US on and is available worldwide from Audible and iTunes, the two biggest online audio booksellers in the rich.

At the same time, we reimburse our writers 50% of the net royalty on book purchases and 50% of all royalty and royalty income receipts. If, for example, we make $10,000 in royalty for your book, you will receive 50% of that amount or $5,000. When we make $5,000 for a five-year contract to licence the English translation of your book, you make 50% of it or $2,500.

It' as easy as that: for every buck your book earns, you get half (3-5 times more than a conventional publisher). Our company is an independant full-service publishing house. This means we are able to offer every kind of services you need, from ghost writing and development editorial to publishing, and more.

Is my book going to be available on foreign exchanges? Her book will be available worldwide in the US, UK, Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Japan and many other territories through Amazon and other sales outlets. Furthermore, we are active in marketing our publications all year round to major publishing houses as well as to the Frankfurt Book Fair and the London Book Fair.

In any case, if your script was written on a typing machine or by hand, we will want to type it into a computer text processing system so that we can process and make it public. Please fill out the following enquiry sheet or e-mail us at[email protected] to get in communication with us about the publication of your book.

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