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Christian Book Publishing, which helps Christian authors to publish their Christian books for the glory of God. Christian contemporary book publisher, marketing and sales in the UK. Christian book publishers, including fiction, devotion, romance, suspense and fantasy, in our online bookshop. " Le livre biblique interactif de Big Picture, Hardcover. Uniting Christ in the whole history of God ("T".

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Our publications include adult and children's literature under five different overprints. The Lion and Lion Children√Ęs and Lion Fiction titles bring a wide public access to a Christian view of the Christian way of life, while Candle and Monarch titles help Christian homes, people, and societies in their dedicated and evangelical care. They are sold worldwide and are available in over 200 different tongues.

One particular strong point is our co-editing services, with more than half of our turnover generated in our exports. We received an award from Christian Resources Together in 2016: Garrett Romines and Christopher Miko's Children's and Youth Book of the Year The Unofficial Bible for Mindcrafters, Canon Andrew White's Christian Book of the Year The Victor of Baghdad and Jennifer Rees Larcombe won outstanding contributions to Christian publishers.

We would also like to honor one of our popular children's book classic, The Little Whitehorse. Carnegie Medal winner and quoted as J.K. Rowling's favorite book as a kid! Our policies are to use material in our publications that minimizes the effects on the environment. We print all our monochrome papers on cardboard and papers from sustainably managed forestry.

Whenever possible, our color booklets are also produced on wood from sustainably managed wood. After all, audit organizations have more work than they can handle, and not all pulp factories around the globe are fully open to information about the source of their sourcing.

Since more such paper from sustainably managed forestry is certificated, we will use it in our color-book. Our children's literature meets the EN71, ASTM or CPSIA standard. Our products are tested by independent test institutes and guarantee that our products meet the highest security levels for the end-consumer.

Our products are exported all over the globe in German and French through several long-standing distributors. In addition, we own the publication copyrights for most of the publications on our website and provide a full co-editing services for color and picture-book.

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