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NIV, Beautiful Word Coloring Bible, large print, cloth overboard, Navy -. However, Joe and Marcia want you to receive the same faithful, high quality service for your Christian books, Bibles, church supplies, services and gifts. A standard Christian Bible optimizes accuracy and readability, helps the reader to establish a deeper connection with God's Word and inspires him to lifelong discipleship.

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To be a Christian is more than just an instant convert - it is a day-to-day experience in which you become more and more like Christ. The dark cannot dispel the dark, only the candle can. Hatred cannot dispel hatred, only it can. It is an inspirational and intriguing festival of societal righteousness that transcends the boundaries between those of belief and no belief - it is not only enjoyable - it raises the heart of all of us who believe in a better future and gives us hopes for a better one.

It is a seasonal product at all seasons and within easy reach of every single one.

Years of Christian bookshop Geschenk & Bibel closed in May

Whether it was a gift for confirmations or class room decoration, the chances were good that the buyers could find it in the Gift & Bible Center in the Delta Center. Following 37 years of managing the company, Linda Dyer, the company's proprietor, said that it felt like the right moment to leave. A+ Teaching Center and Diane's Hallmark Shop are also located at the Delta Center in 5819 W. Saginaw Hwy.

Deal started on Monday with the clearance sales. The first Gift & Bible store opened in Holt in the early 1950s. In 1971, the Christian bookshop relocated to a shop on South Pennsylvania Avenue. Before the Linda and Ken Dyer purchased the store in 1981, it had three different proprietors. Mr. Dyer is a former Bath School District dean.

In 1985, the married couple opened the Delta Center site. Gifts & Bible has previously had showcases in Okemos, St. Johns, Edgewood Towne Center, Frandor Shopping Center and Cedar Plaza funny. In Linda Dyer's description, the company is a "multi-focus business". More than 25,000 square meters of floor area in Delta Township range from Precious Moments figures and inspiring d├ęcor to teachers' needs and guest music.

Scripts have always been the bestseller in the store, she said. Previously, The Dyers co-owned the Lantern Book and Bible Store in Battle Creek, which opened in 1977. In 1980 they relocated to their new home in London and purchased Gift and Bible Center from Walter and Madeline Pettifor. For many companies, switching to on-line purchasing was a real challange.

Another retailer has entered the gifts and greeting carts markets, Dyer said. They can now collect tickets from the grocer' s or the postal service. After closing time, only four Hallmark branches will be left in the area. In spite of the changes in the way consumers are approaching the shop, the store has stayed stable, Dyer said.

At present, the market employs 10 people. Dyer said two have been in the store for more than 30 years. This business has won a faithful fan base among the buyers. One Facebook mail that announced the closing had more than 650 stocks. They both trained their kids at home and said they liked the diversity and helpful attitude of Dyer's Store people.

Doer ascribes the durability of her company with its supporting shopping basis.

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