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A shop for Christian art publishers and much more. Read more by Christian Art Publishers. CRISTIAN ART PUBLISHERS catalogue. Christian Arts Gifts' stand was one of the busiest at the fair. That is what drives Chris Johnsen, Head of Christian Art Publishing in South Africa, to do what he does.

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Keep track of your day-to-day dates, get-togethers and special occasions while organizing them in a nicely crafted scheduler. Let yourself be inspired with Bible verse every day as you will be remembered for your boyfriends and families on your docket. Set up recollections for your prayers logs, forthcoming anniversaries, and assignments on your monthly task log.

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Christian Arts Gifts' stand was one of the liveliest at the fair. A new KJV labeled Bible titled My Promise has been published by Christian Art Publishers.... Christian Arts Publishers manufactures a wide range of KJV's with stitched ties and..... I' ve recently got this lovely magazine from Christian Arts Publishing.

Christlicher Kunstverlag (Producer) (Author of the Bible)

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Two of Tyndale House Publishers' partners, Christian Art Gifts Inc. and CUM Books, are working together to found Johnsen & Taylor, Inc., a new Christian bookshop to open in Wheaton, Illinois, at the end of October.

Tyndale House Publishers has teamed up with Christian Publishing Company (Christian Art and CUM Books) to form Johnsen & Taylor, Inc. a new Christian bookshop opened in Wheaton, Illinois, in October 2010. The Johnsen & Taylor bookshop will be conveniently situated in the Town Square Shopping Center on the southern side of Wheaton.

The abbreviation for Christelike Uitgewersmaatskappy Books, the full name of the business in Afrikaans. They provide Johnsen & Taylor, Inc. with unparalleled capabilities. At present, CUM Books runs 41 bookshops in South Africa, while Christian Art Gifts Inc. located in Lombard, Illinois, manufactures and sells cutting-edge gifts for the Christian retailing industry.

Headquartered in Carol Stream, just North of Wheaton, Illinois, Tyndale House Publishers is recognised in the Christian publishers business as a winning books and Bible publishers and is known for its dedication to the communities. The Johnsen & Taylor Bookstore Executive Committee will be comprised of Jeff Johnson, Chief Operating Officer, and Paul Mathews, Executive Vice President.

Chris, Heinrich and Kobus Johnsen represent Christian Art Gifts Inc. and CUM Schools. The Christian Publishing Company has a proud heritage that goes back to 1939, when it was set up in Johannesburg, South Africa. In 1974 Chris Johnsen opened his own bookstore and in 1975 Christian Art Distributors was formed to sell works by multinational publishers in South Africa.

CUM Books was founded in 1991 and currently has 41 branches throughout the country. Since 1974 Christian Art Toxins has been the principal distributor of souvenirs in South Africa. Founded in 2003 in Lombard, Illinois, Christian Art Toxic ity Inc. has quickly developed into one of the United States' foremost suppliers of inspiring gadgets.

Tyndale House Publishers and Christian Publishing Company have partnered for more than 40 years with the shared aim of honoring God and changing life by making God's Word known. The Christian Publishing Company released The Lewende Bible, a Afro-African version of the Livin Bible, in 1982, and in 2006 started The Nuwe Lewende Vertaling, a Nuwe Lewende Vertaling version of The New Living National.

Based in Carol Stream, Illinois, Tyndale House Publishers was established in 1962 by Dr. Kenneth N. Taylor to publish the Livingbible. Includes Bibles in New Life Translations (NLT), as well as literature and other materials for kids, the family and the faith. Many Tyndale titles, such as the much-loved left behind mind fun franchise and several non-fiction titles, have been featured on the New York Times Best Sellers List.

The Tyndale House Publishers is mainly held by the Tyndale House Foundation. It is the company's profit that contributes to the Foundation's commitment to spreading the Good News of Christ throughout the whole know.

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