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Select your story

An interactive story in which you decide the fate of the characters. Choose Your Own Adventure is brought to life in this new narrative adventure game. moments is a visual novel & interactive story game. A classic, Choose Your Own Adventure, known for its reluctant readers. We' ve now included a feature in a few chat stories that allows users to choose the way the story works!

Subtitle - Choose your story

This episode lets you experience your tales with loving, romantic, adventurous and dram. Wouldn't it be surprising if you were a personality in your favourite story? With Episode, you can do just that with over 100,000 exciting tales in which you make decisions that are important. Featuring millions of readings, Episode is the world's biggest compilation of storytelling interactivity in which YOU choose your fate.

Alternatively, become a maker and create your own! - Relationship with your favourite personalities - will they be your rival or lover? You can not only browse your favourite tales, you can also create your own! Use the Episode website to create and post your own story and collect your own million readings.

You' ll be turned your life on its head when you' mated with a mystical new *HOT* pupil for Riverside High's Baby Project. Be careful, or your assets could dissolve at your foot........ HUMI LOVATO: AWAY TO GLORY. Winning the opportunity to rock with the only super star Demi Lovato will put your skills in balancing your loved ones, your boyfriends and your supporters to the test!

PLUS.... more new tales EVERY WEEK! Their use of this software is covered by the General Conditions at The collection and use of your information is covered by the declaration of confidentiality at

Choose your own adventure on the big canvas? flick

You can really choose your own adventures, which is the big sales argument of the feature "Choose Your Own Adventure". During the presentation of the video, the audience is asked to use an application named CtrlMovie in certain places, which allows them to check the result thanks to a connection with the cinematic' electronic camerawork.

The movie will have different plot, ending and run times every single episode, according to the audience's preference. But wait, here's a big blinking shield on the screen that tells you to unplug your mobile device, open an application, push a pushbutton and hopefully the public will think the same way you do.

It' the hardest movie ever. In other words, as objectively ugly as Choose Your Own Adventure may sound in a common environment, it could only find a home cinema outfit. At home, you don't have to count on reaching a consent with a room full of mouth-breathers ready to see a Choose Your Own adventure movie on the opening week.

You' re responsible for the expertise. Explore different options at different points in time, just as you did all those years ago with the book "Choose Your Own Adventure". Besides, it's your home, so gambling on your cell is not the most heinous act of discourtesy you can imagin.

Aftermath Media published a documentary entitled Tender Loving Care twenty years ago. It was a horrible psychothriller about a mad sister, but at certain points John Hurt would appear on the screen and make you a psychologist. They answered a series of quizzes and different scenarios were shown according to your responses.

Several of them - and it's not perfect that this was the movie's greatest sales argument - had nakedness. No one recalls Tender Love Care anymore. Not only because it was an objective horrible movie, or because John Hurt's psychological analysis was much clumsier than painting an application.

It' because virtually nobody wants an action-packed movie. You want to take charge of your own fate, go ahead and do Grand Theft Auto. However, when you watch a movie, you want to see the results of a thousand meticulous choices exactly as its maker wanted them to be.

Watching a movie means relying on a writer, director and actor, not on the gargling 14-year-old dip stick that sits two lines behind you and throws its poppy seed up in the sky. That is why Choose Your Own Adventure will not work. It' going to fall, just like Tender Loving Care.

It' going to fall, like a disc with alternative angle cameras. It' going to fall, just as VR films are going to fall. You have to write a film.

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