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Literary agents for children

A senior agent at EMLA, Joan works from her home office in Massachusetts. Specialization in children's literature Ever since it was founded, the agencyĆ¢? "s mission has been to promote individuals, not just the textbooks they have made. As a lawyer it was Sheldon Fogelman that first came into the children's business through his council to the distinguished Maurice Sendak industrialist. It was in 1975 that Sheldon Fogelman made the shift from lawyer to operative to the increasing number of children's writers and graphic designers who sought his guidance in literature.

It has since been representing writers and graphic designers who have been recognised by almost all the renowned awards in the children's books publisher, among them Newbery, Caldecott and the NationalBookAward.


The EMLA was created in 1999 and has made a name for itself in the children's world. For information on current business and permissions activities at EMLA, please visit the Publishers Marketplace and browse down this page for information on sideline coagents. An Arizona native and educated, Erin started EMLA in Flagstaff in 1999.

In 2007, she took over Northland Publishing/Rising Moon from Flagstaff, a much-loved decade-old firm of which she was editor-in-chief. She is the creator of EMLA, focusing not only on book publication, but also on career development - and teambuilding.

She is a representative of authors and illuminators of illustrated and non-fiction literature, fiction for high school students and young people. Due to her complete customer lists, she hardly ever sign new authors or illustrations. For the rest of 2018 Erin is currently not planning any conferences. A senior agent at EMLA, she works from her home base in Massachusetts.

Representing all types of children's and youth writing, she is most enthusiastic about a powerful lyric vocal, a close conspiracy with unexpected turns and tales narrated with hearts and resonances that will last over the years. Joan is an EMLA customer herself and the writer of a number of children's novels, most recently the Princess Juniper booklet, the Ghost in the House booklet, Elf in the House, Bunny Bus and The Tiptoe Guide to Tracking Fairies, and the Two Truths and a Lite booklet, co-authored with Laurie Ann Thompson.

Really, after reading and eating, what else is there to say? Find out more about Joan's write and mediation processes here. She has been working as a development and editorial journalist for 22 years (from children's literature to collegiate texts, but most of all collegiate textbooks). She has been a member of the EMLA staff as a member of the EMLA staff since March 2011.

Acting as an agency, Tricia presents picture/chapter-book views of the real estate market in a singular and extraordinary way, with living on the side as well as the outside, and young adults' literature and non-fiction offering a powerful education, hurt storytellers and tales that capture and do not let go of a readership.

She' s got way too many ledgers and not enough bookcases. Tricia's articles on blogs, tweeting, facebooking and other online newsletters ( "social media" for writers and the publishers in general) can be found here and here. For the rest of 2018 Tricia has no plans for conferencing at the moment. He has been a publisher for more than 25 years and has worked for Scholastic, Simon & Schuster and Disney.

Besides the edit, he has authored almost a decade of storybooks, among them Chugga Chugga Choo Choo and My Truck Is Stuck. Kevin's main agents are writer-illustrators and various cast. Kevin's forthcoming convention gigs: She is an associate agency at EMLA, Erin Murphy's associate and EMLA's assistent and EMLA's associate co-ordinator for SMB.

Time to build up your customer base. Loved by all age groups of children's writing, her passions include young adults and intermediate school novelists. Their tastes range from modern, historic, literary to adventurous and imaginative. In addition to being a book lover, she likes films, felines, buys things she probably doesn't need from Etsy, and becomes addicted to TV shows that are later canceled.

For the rest of 2018, she has no plans for any conferences at the moment. Denis is responsible for the agency's bookkeeping, organisation and design at the Maine offices, as well as scheduling the yearly customer withdrawal.

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