Childrens Book Submissions

Submissions of children's books

Children's Book Authors & Illustrators | Submissions At the moment we only check scripts for textbooks. No in-flight logs, early reading or fiction/non-fiction for people over ten years of age. Our search for scripts reflects topics such as variety, inclusiveness, self-esteem, friendliness, empathy, environmental protection, societal and emotive challenge for kids and family, as well as societal equity and modernity.

We also are open to scripts suitable for devotional colleges, denominations (especially Protestant, progressively Protestant and aspiring) and those who value belief inside and outside a school. This includes retelling Bible tales, histories of cult figures or seasonal tales, and modern tales with cult topics.

We ask you to submit your full script together with information about the target group, your ages, your biography, past releases and related publicity such as attending schools, lectures, blogs, etc. It is preferable to get a dummy via a hyperlink rather than a large attachment. Each entry is carefully checked.

Because of the amount of entries we do not react to scripts that do not fit our publisher's programme. We' ll get in touch with you if we need more materials or if we have a possible illustrating task. Unexpected materials sent in in physically, inclusive those with returns shipping, will be recycle.

When you are an writer.....

If you are interested, please submit your full script and covering note to the following adress. Because of the large number of submissions, we only react to scripts that are of interest to us. The rest of the scripts are reused. If you would like more information on submission of your paper to our trafficking department, click here for our guidelines on submission of paper.

We kindly ask you to please return a sample of your work to the following address: If you would like more information about the submission of artworks to our child trafficking, click here for our submission policy for artworks. If you would like to sign up for Storytelling Math, please click here for policies. In order to file our Impressum for adults, please click here for our policy.

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