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The Nosy Crow is a small, independent company. We specialize in the creation and production of interactive children's books. You only print non-fiction, lifestyle, sports, health and children's books. For children's book publishers we offer book printing in affordable full colour. The LEE & LOW BOOKS is the largest multicultural children's book publisher in the country.

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The Chicken House is a small, very personal children's book publishing house with an interest in new literature. The Chicken House Publishing Ltd was established in 2000 by Barry Cunningham, editor and managing director, with the deputy managing director Rachel Hickman. For the past fifteen years, Chicken House has shown that a small, imaginative publishing staff located in Somerset can exert an influence internationally.

The Chicken House has distributed more than six million Cornelia Funke's titles, five of them New York Times best-sellers, while James Dashner's Maze Runner franchise has distributed more than 1.5 million in the UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. The Times/Chicken House Children's Fiction Competition" for undetected talents was started in 2007 in cooperation with The Times magazine.

In 2005, the Chicken House publishing house, Scholastic Inc., the world's biggest children's publishing house, acquired the company's global coverage. In 2010 Chicken House Germany was founded, a particular cooperation in Germany with the Carlsen Verlag, the market leader.

Bangladesh: 19 UK children's book publishers accept manuscripts directly from authors

Surprisingly many publishing houses in the UK directly approve children's literature from authors. The majority of them are small, specialized publishing houses, but some are big players in the sector. Please note: A complete listing of over 150 publishing houses that have accepted scripts (arranged by genre) can be found here: The Andersen Press is specialized in children's literature.

You are publishing image guides, approx. 500 words (maximum 1000), youth guides 3-5000 words and older literature up to 75,000 words. Submission: All entries should be sent on hard copy, by mail, together with a prepaid, address pad. The Buster Book is the children's print of Michael O'Mara Book, an independant publishing house. Submission: Entries for literature and non-fiction are welcome from writers, compilers and graphic designers.

You do not take pictures or poems. Submission by e-mail or mail. Candy Jar Books was founded in 2010 by Shaun Russell and Justin Chaloner and releases both children's and adults' music. One of the UK's top ISVs, Marston Book Services Ltd is in charge of the distribution of its publications.

Submission: At present, they only accept non-fiction book concepts with a high degree of attractiveness on the markets. Floris Buchs is an independently owned publisher headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. There are two major areas in which they produce books: non-fiction for grown-ups and literature for kids. In their nonfiction book lists they concentrate on titles covering all facets of integrated and alternate life.

Submission: Scotch theme book only for kids from 2-15 years. Submission in print only by mail (no e-mails). Lincoln is part of Quarto's UK Publishing Unit, the Aurum Publishing Group. More than 100 new adult and children's literature is published annually. It is Frances Lincoln Children's Book that produces storyboards, multi-cultural textbooks, picturebooks and information books: suggestions must be submitted by mail.

The Hogs Back and Hogs Back is a small publishing company with a brief listing. They' re publishing storybooks and YA fiction. It'?s a script. Small Tiger is a small publishing company with four overprints. The Little Tiger Press has been publishing children's literature for over 25 years. Submission: Do not submit by e-mail or on floppy disc.

Please see open deadlines. This publishing house specialises in bi-lingual textbooks for educators. Maintain the number of words at about 800 for kids up to 7 years, and no more than 1400 words for reader up to 12 years. Submission: Entries should be sent by e-mail. Submission: We accept mailings.

We are two independant publishers, Mogzilla Mogzilla and Caboodle Bücher, who work together to create excellent young readers' literature. Submission: There are no entries for the under-6s. Please e-mail uk with your suggestion and they will mail you the submission adress. Crow Nosy is a small, autonomous enterprise founded in 2011.

It publishes nonfiction and nonfiction for kids between the ages of 0 and 14 by well-known writers and graphic designers as well as young talents. "We are looking for "parent-friendly books" and do not release anything with specific sexuality, drugs or serious abuse, so no angular YA or angular crossover. "Entries:

Prefers e-mail submission, but normal mail is also acceptable. Please send the complete text for new products/picture book by e-mail. O'brien is a publishing company for children's literature, children's literature and non-fiction for adults. You do not republish poems, scholarly works or literature for adults. New publications in these three areas are published by PICADILLY-PRINT: THE PICADILLY PRESS:

1 ) Photo albums for small kids (2 to 5 years). 2 ) Children's and youth literature, mainly modern and amusing, which deals with the topics and difficulties that young people are confronted with in their own daily work. Childrens textbooks can be from 6+ to 8-12 years and can be longer - usually longer for older people; textbooks for young people are for 11-15-year-olds and they are usually between 25,000 and 35,000 words long.

3 ) Teenage non-fiction, mostly humorously, with handy and likeable advices. Because of the high number of entries, they only come back to the authors if they are interested. The Ransom Publishing is specialized in publishing for hesitant people. It produces easy-to-access, highly interesting novels for older young people and grown-ups with very low literacy skills.

Deposits: To have an ingenious suggestion you would like to debate before you submit a paper, please send an e-mail to Jenny at or, if you specifically suggest a YA paper, an e-mail to It will help you determine the type of entry and whether it is appropriate for publication.

Robinson's and Robinswood works aim to increase alphabetization, especially for those who do not "make books" (e.g. those with educational difficulties). Submission: Peter has published a wide spectrum of literature. You are licensing your textbooks on an international basis. We are accepting literature at the age of 8-12 years, youngsters ( (13-16 years) and youngsters. You do not approve entries for: non-fiction, poems, shorts (except in a theme collection) or preschool years.

Submission: Submit an e-mail request in which you indicate what you have typed, what your book's ages, number of words, blurb, and why your book attracts attention. Established in 1978, Templar has developed into one of the world's most prestigious publishing houses and packers of illustrative children's literature, novelties and image-book.

Templar has an extended back list of over 30 years and sells its product in over 25 different language versions in more than 50 countries: Templar is currently receiving picture book and innovation book-submission. You do not currently accept fictional entries. The Top That book is aimed at preschoolers. It concentrates on pop-ups, magnet and felt and other newcomers.

You do not release "normal" literature. Tide That Publishing Ltd is a Tide Mill Media PLC enterprise. Submission: Submit your entries by e-mail. Do not submit at the same time. You have a comprehensive mailing lists, but do not receive entries in every group. Submission: Walther is accepting illustrative story books and/or sample images by mail or e-mail.

You do not take fictitious manuscripts.

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