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publisher of children's books

We are a leading British children's publisher producing award-winning, innovative, illustrated children's books, picture books, novelties and non-fiction. It is Scotland's largest children's book publisher. We make books for every child. New children's publishing house on the block. The Letterbox Library - Children's book publishers celebrate equality and diversity.

Publishers of children's books in the UK

It is the company's goal to "create children's literature that inspires and shares" to reach as many young people as possible and spread the pleasure of the world. Our in-house editorial and design teams work with renowned publishers and internationally renowned graphic artists to produce meticulously conceived and nicely crafted works for 3-12 year olds.

Established in 1996 by Jim Miles and Gerard Kelly, the business has experienced strong growth over the years and currently has a front list of more than 400 publications and several hundred children's and educational journals. There is something for every kid, from non-fiction with great facts and drama photographs to large libraries of classical children's literature accompanied by custom art.

More than 700 backlists of children's encyclopedias, quicebooks, quizzes, dictionaries, catalogues, poems, fairy tales and novelties. The best-selling 100 Facts range with more than 80 publications, the inexpensive 384-page belletristic and non-fiction book range and the popular convertibles - play mat booklets that can be folded into cars.

It is the company's goal to produce high-quality and accessible literature for the benefit of young and old alike.

The Bristol Children's Publishing House in search of new tales

Did you write a history that would make a great children's photo book? Book Island from Bristol wants to know from you. Greet Pauwelijn, a Belgian-born painter, interpreter and lingoist, established the non-partisan New Zealand publishers five years ago. They moved to Bristol last year.

Acknowledged for their silence, they have translated and published creative and award-winning textbooks from all over the word. Green is explaining more about this next evolution: "It's a great idea: "On Book Island we are now willing to make our own tracks and distribute them with the outside worlds.

It is a great occasion for all children's writers in the UK and especially for those looking for their first storybook to be out. Book Island is not currently looking for illustration unless the history and illustration are made by the same individual and of the same aura.

Book Island urges authors to review the submissions guidelines on their website before submitting a script to find out more about what they are publishing and how to do it.

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