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Being a bookseller for kids, we get a large number of entries - virtually several thousand in one year. While some of them that we can see immediately are not right for us, good entries take adequate amount of work, care and thought. It is not just a question of literacy, but of thoughtful literacy, and that will take some considerable amount of work.

And of course, it is only part of the work of an agen. We' ll also need to review and shine our authors' scripts before submitting them, work with editors, negotiating agreements, reviewing agreements, providing comfort, celebrating and generally going through all the ups and downs of publisher activity with our current customers - not to speak of participating in meetings, conventions, festivals AND a host of activities, although most of our editors will tell you that we are quite happy (married) with the work!

I was an associate journalist with a large publisher before I was an operative, and I can tell you that the lives of an author are not disparallele. There are the same amount of requirements for his or her own times, so that although they like to read articles, they certainly don't have much free space.

In the case of a drafted script that they are already obliged to publish (e.g. the second volume of an authorship agreement), they must provide input on the wording of the script, and the read ing/editing will probably take even longer. Remember that they have to do this not just for one but for many every individual months, while at the same time making a copy of the covers, working with other divisions, handling payment, reviewing agreements, compiling page-proofing, the lists goes on....

You' re probably starting to see where you're going all the way! We have to concentrate on a lot of people as agents or editors. Please appreciate that we like to see your scripts - without them our job would just not be there! Don't be scared to hunt beautifully when it's been a long while - by which I mean more than about 8 whole months - because it's always possible that your entry somehow went off course (you should get a confirmation of reception from Skylark, so if you didn't have it within a whole month, then something went wrong), but try to be understated.

and most of it happens after work. We at Skylark strive to make a final ruling on every entry within a single week, and we usually do, but if we're particularly occupied, we'll come after, so please excuse us!

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