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I am a professional children's book editor and you can hire me to make sure your book is first class. Do you need a children's book editor? Search the profiles and reviews of the best children's book editors and have your manuscript professionally edited today.

span>30-minute telephone consultation

Literature of the country? Now all you have to do is make an astonishing book. And I know how I can help with my book writing service. I' m a book editor and offer novel editorial and criticism of manuscripts of all kind for all kind of project. A former Frahling with eight years of professional background in the publisher business, I can't wait to delve into your work.

They also work best with other authors, those who know the ups and downs of creativity and appreciate the crafts. I' ve got an MBA in Visual Arts and I' ve even wrote a handicraft guide. It was my task as Frahlingin to know what sold itself, and I will transmit this to you.

Whereas I am primarily a children's book editor, from funny illustrated stories to courageous young adults' stories, the handicraft of the fictional is the same in all classes and styles. I' m doing all sorts of fictional edit. Please do not hesitate to get in touch when you are prepared to revolutionise your manuscripts. My website has been inspiring tens of thousands of up-and-coming authors with write-up and publication related stories since 2009.

It has been voted one of the "101 best websites for writers" by Writer's Digest every year since its creation, and my Internet hit resulted in a book with totally unique contents about the arts of novel and novel composition for the mid-range and young adults, writer's kidlit write irresistible, from Writer's Digest Books.

I' ve had my Writer's Digest seminars and various author conference and event presentations (from Japan to South Dakota!) reach hundreds of other authors in the world. I graduated from Santa Clara University with a bachelor's degree in English and theatre before starting my professional life as a free-lance author for papers and journals, among them the Los Angeles Times.

During my Master of Arts in Visual Arts in Visual Arts at the University of San Francisco, I did an internship in my first Frahlingur. After graduating (and ensuring that I was a substitute for my own writing), I completed an internship in the children's section of Chronicle Books in San Francisco. After that I was reading for the Andrea Brown Literature Academy, one of America's oldest and most renowned children's book frahlings.

Three-and a half years as an Associate Agent have given me a firm basis in the shop and strengthened my passion for all things children's music. After that I became Senior Literary Manager and founding director of the children's book division at Movable Type Management in New York City.

I went in 2013 to follow my first passion, my main job as an editor. To buy my book on literature for MG and YA books, now at Writer's Digest Books, click here. That shows you my typing philosophie and gives you many useful tips.

More than 35 sample stories are quoted and discuss. It is an art vocation, but it is a trade. Do you have a school of thought for what you write? Do your handicraft items work well? Find out more about my menue of related utilities, below, or build your own customized set of script review, novel review, quiz mail processing, and more.

brainstorming, collect brainstorming brainstorms, get to know agencies, journalists and current developments in the markets. Processing inquiry letters is a great one. Detailed annotations about the vocal, sound, contents, presentations and more of your inquiry and summary. You' ve got a great book, but do you have a great spot? Extensive processing of inquiry letters, synoptic entries and literature on the first ten pages of the series.

Anything a frahling wants to see in a proposal, and we're really gonna make it smok. It is a great tool for those who are about to write or are about to do it. We will deepen our knowledge in three phases of processing for your novel design. It is a vibrant, funny and beautiful fair.

I' ll give you extensive hints on your most powerful textbook script, feed back on your request and a review of up to three other suggestions you may have in your orbit. I will give you extensive and workable side note whether I should be reading 50, 100 or 200 pages of your work.

Full Script Edit contains meticulous care on every page of your novel from beginning to end. I' ll be reading your whole script from top to bottom and give you a usable, summarised feed-back in the form of a Reader Report documen. I' ll give you commentary on the most important aspects such as characters, story, voice, way of typing and give you pragmatic, succinct tips with quotations from the text.

This is a small choice of my customers' inspired references for my development work.

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