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Celebrate with us authors and illustrators from Minnesota, their books and READ! This is The Blue Bunny's Guide to Aspiring Children's Book Authors and Illustrators. There are many links to these children's authors and illustrators. Children's Bookshow is a charity organization dedicated to inspiring children with books by holding performances and workshops with the best children's authors and illustrators from home and abroad. We' re looking for talented new children's authors and illustrators.


Writers are reading out loud! Begin with a book: Get to know the authors and illustrations of your favourite group. Some of the best children's novels and non-fiction chosen by our children's literary experts. Make your own lists of novels and non-fiction! It sometimes only needs a beautiful book to turn a child into a novel.

Draw on what your kid is interested in. Have a look at the book listings of Maria Salvadore, our specialist for children's music. Discover these items and web-ressources about the selection of great children's novels, the determination of a child's literacy rate, literacy, the search for cheap novels, listings of award-winning and more. Discover these items and web-ressources about the selection of great children's novels, the determination of a child's literacy rate, literacy, the search for cheap novels, listings of award-winning and more.

Audiobooks too! You will find here a list of the best of prizes and best of listings we like, such as selections from the New York Times and the Horn Book, as well as the 2009 Newbery and Caldecott winner. Beginning with the definition of a goal for your survey, through the selection and research of the writer to the development of a climactic projekt, our Author-Study-Toolkit helps you to achieve a comprehensive and appealing teaching to you.

Renowned youth authors - Katherine Paterson, Rita Williams-Garcia, Jeannine Atkins and Heather Lang - and award-winning illustrated artist Ekua Holmes came together for a vibrant podium debate on powerful young ladies and dames. Prizewinning writers for youngsters - Jack Gantos, Jeff Kinney, Jarrett Krosoczka, Jon Scieszka and Gene Luen Yang - met for a fun and enlightening podium debate on how to encourage youngsters ( and all unwilling readers) to do more.

Discover what happens every months in the literary community. Have a look at our favourite quotations about books, lessons and schooling.

Artwriters / Artists that everyone should know

Famous classic such as Beatrix Potter's The Adventures of Peter Rabbit, Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, A.A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh, Margaret Wise Brown's Goodnight Moon, and E.B. White's Charlotte's Web, for example, are not featured, as they are quite well-known, permanent masterworks that every kid should know.

And if you haven't presented your baby yet, get started today! disclaimer the right to use this website. Dynamic items that small kids are used to appear in daring graphical art. Loiis Affert Breathtaking forms and vibrant colours catch the attention of a child's head. Toanah Hoban A female artist catches a new vision of the outside wide open through her cat.

martin jr bill - Easy phrases and naturally rhythmical speech samples (melodies) sound in the tales that help beginners in learning to use. Heaven Oxyenury Scratching kids jump in a playful way and then climb onto the comfy rounds of well-padded grown-ups. ROZEMARY WELLS Max, a mischievous bunny kid, has a head of his own when big sis Ruby wants to order him around.

ANNOUNCER - A fruitful ensemble capturing the rythms of children's speech in exciting tales. OANNA COLE Excellent information guides present clear facts in photographic assays or combines facts with rebellious humour in the Magic School Bus series. The BARBARA COONEY Soft tales and fine arts are touching the hearts and make you think deeply.

DEPAOLA TOMIE Tomie recounts beautiful Scottish and Scottish families tales with powerful dark lines and popular music. Eloise-greenfield poet and story teller catches the words and tunes and strong afroamerican pictures of families in her work. principles hyman, Arthurian England or children hoodlum, are meticulously crafted and extensively researched.

Joyce's WILLIAM JOYCE Wide humour in funny, highly expressionist animal and playfully written text make Joyce's book a pleasure to study loudly or alone. STUVEN KELLOGG A bunch of comicstrip details from Kellogg's lively, rebellious, colorful pages, making kids jump on them. Levo Lionni is more deeply rooted in Lionni's tales than one might expect from the elegance and sophistication of her work.

MARSHALL JAMES Cartoon-like sketches by one-of-a-kind personalities present surprising humour and spoofing. Eye-catching classical works that communicate the importance of small but important aspects of a child's world. MCCULLY EMILY She makes silent cartoon-style book and lavish tales of impressionistic music. yames e. ransome is a young gifted afroamerican artists portraits figures realistic in historic or modern settings.

Mayrice Sendak A great performer whose works are inviting to read and whose artwork is inviting to look at again. suss ( "theodore s. geisel") is an artistic mastermind whose lively and cheerful artistic expressions make the kids read for themselves. Kharlotte Zolotov Soft tales are playing with the heart and making kids rethink their lives and relations.

Nataly Babbitt A great phantasy author who deals with general issues in prosa. BLUME JUDY Popular author for pre-teens, who records in real life the worries about adolescence. The ASHLEY BRAYAN artist, poets and storytellers, who makes the tunes of the spirits sound through his retelling of popular music.

Beatsy Byars Her stories catch both the humour and the emotionalism of kids who have trouble growing up. BERLY Clearity The children's native tongue and their fundamental interests sound real and with humour in their early workbooks. PHOTOCONRAD A committed author who records powerful pictures and lively topics in historic and modern music.

RuussELL FREEDMAN ý Perfect research and fascinating writings arouse interest in subjects that he deals with in autobiographies and information book. FRITZ JEAN This great historic novelist and biographer was intrigued by US characters when she was raised in China with Christian missions. Jen CRAIGHEAD GEORGE The novelist was raised in a naturalist community and her environmental interests pervade both the stories and the information book she sings.

Leé Bénett Hopkins poet and humanist whose generosity and passion for poetic ismaking the hearts of all. YOHANNA HURWITZ Well-intentioned but naïve people make easy errors and show childlike humour in brief books that kids themselves do. Lóis Lowrey is a story of humour or delicate emotion that permeates Lowry's tales of young people growing up in a suburb or war-torn town.

macaulay david a vivacious performer is helping us to rethink history, timing and the way things work. They also write outstanding information booklets with Fredrick McKissack's spouse. MATRICIA MAC LACHLAN Catch powerful man emotion while weaving historic or modern story. Annn MARTIN Popular serialist, who communicates the true sentiments and worries of 10- to 12-year-old mothers.

The SEYMOUR SIMON An outstanding computer scientist says what we know, what theories are and how information changes. lon smith/jon scieszka kids get a thrill out of the way, as this crew deceives fairytales and the skill of bookmaking. It is WILLIAM STEIG His ingenious story has several levels of significance that inspire grown-ups to tell kids.

The LLOYD ALEXANDER An experienced phantasy author who moves our profound understanding of character and morality. Age of Intellectuality His figures are confronted with questions of individual dignity when they are raised in historic or modern environments. The figures of SUSAN COOPER are confronted with the never-ending battle between dark and bright, between good and bad.

cormier robert cormier - teenagers are not always confronted with reality and decisions not always happily or hopefully. AULA FOX It catches powerful emotion and vibrant pictures in excellent discreet and tight-text. The VIRGINIA HAMILTON graphic artist who integrates great storylines and vibrant personalities into real, imaginative, folkloristic and historic environments.

DEAN MYERS WALTER In exciting fiction and well-founded information guides, he describes an authentically African-American perspective. CATHERINE PATERSON A sensitive author whose personalities and drama come to life in our memory. About RICHARD PECK The time at school in conversation with young people help to catch the voice, the speech and the worries that are mirrored in the captivating, genuine dialog that pervades Peck's work.

One of the first authors to have won significant prizes, MILDRED TAYLOR wrote about the experiences of the Mississippi countryside in the 1930'. SYNTHIA VOIGT An impressing writer who takes up thought-provoking themes through realist, imaginative and historic tales. Please note: The author's name will appear in brackets after the book titles if it is different from the illustrated name.

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