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Kids Story Books

The stories for children deal with more complex stories and plot. Tired of reading the same bedtime story over and over again? These books, from picture books to YA articles, inspire readers to think more deeply about our American fellow citizens, their stories and experiences. A bilingual book displays both languages side by side, helping your baby or child to learn both languages. The majority of the modules were created by students in Tom Wartenberg's Philosophy for Children class at Mount Holyoke College.

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Find out how the humans in the Middle Ages and Tudor were living or find intriguing facts about monarchs and queens. Please refer to our commitment to our customers and our data protection statement for more information.

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Already at a young age kids like to see their pictures and their name in the prints. There is the joy of recognizing and the joy of seeing oneself in a narrative. Maybe this is the reason why tailor-made illustrated and fairy tale textbooks are so much loved. A lot of customisable textbooks just add the child's name to the narrative without any further changes or accents.

The combination of fun storytelling with light, fat illustration makes our individual storybooks unique to your child's name and photograph. Sometimes the pets put out single characters to spelt out your child's first and last names in rhymes. Others will delight your baby to find a painting of herself on the walls of a princess's palace - a printess who will share her name, colour and other traits.

Tailor-made storybooks give babies a unique feeling and promote self-esteem, especially in transition periods such as the launch of a new infant or the start of primary education. Simultaneously your kid will learn to recognise his own name while he writes - an important ability to read aloud. Above all, however, they are great friends and great things for them.

And, really, when it comes to a history textbook, what else is important?

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They are available in softcover, PDF and eBook file sizes. and the author/illustrator Alannah Witte for her success story: Click on the symbol to view the history in PDF format: Gobi, Aguat and Savvy follow this tale as they go through the new replenishment of purified water.

It picks up a very topical theme and presents it at a stage that is enjoyable for all. Teaching aquatic sports has never been so much pleasure! In order to see the winners' tales (in PDF format), please click on any symbol below: Or you can browse these ledgers on an eReader unit by following the links below:

Some or all of these works have been partially funded by The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Rancho California Water District.

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