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Author of children's books wanted

Use Ghost Writer for various books, educational and children's books. Wanted: author of children's books. I am founding a non-profit organization in the form of an online children's literature magazine. Buy the'Writing for Children' course. This online course gives you the tools you need to write compelling stories for children.

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We produce ELA sections for test preparations. We' ll need a set of 400-600 words from different Lexil editions according to genre (narrative, expositories, etc.) You will receive models and will be asked to write similar parts in terms of styles, complexities and structures. We' re going to need sentences of five at once.

I' m looking for a writer who can help me write a children's novel about rubber cubes. It will be about the happy life of the whole familiy, founded on releasing Rubik dice. It will contain 5,000 words. Sincerely, I'm looking for someone to help me make the illustration for a set of children's books I want to do.

It will be a mixture of expressive word contents and appealing illustration. It thematizes a puppy that goes on a variety of adventure.

The new WANTED category for children's literature

There is no lack of suggestions for new authors. And in the case of children's literature, you are writing for exactly those groups of your choice that match the category specified by booksellers. It seemed only logical that if I wanted to create children's literature, the protagonists would be 12-13 years old and the perfect oldage for my readership somewhere at that age:

Instead, the kids are subdivided into PreReader (picture books), Young Readers (6 - 8 years) and Middle Grade (9 - 12 years). However, I can't help but find it strange that my son's mid-twenties gobbled volumes are sold to teenage kids, as if there is no distinction in the taste of the read between a 13-year-old and a 25-year-old.

How do I set up my own ledgers in the meantime? Ante' s Inferno (Troubador, 2012) and my new work The Tragickall Story of Henry Fowst (Troubador, 2015) both have dark intonations. Ante' s Inferno (inspired, as the name suggests, by Dante's Inferno) is the 12-year-old Ante (Antonia) on a voyage through the classic underground into the hearts of hell, which proves to be a replica of a battleground of the First World War.

With The Tragickall Geschichte of Henry Fowst I followed the fist legend: This is a young adult novel - but those who hope for the dystopian, graphical abuse and teenager relations will be upset. And I know I'm not alone in my yearning for a kind of springboard between younger readers' literature and the brutal'realism' that so many YA novel.

For a while she worked in editing before she moved to Oxford to raise her four kids and started to write when her youngest was 11 years old. Ante' s first novel, Ante's Inferno, won the People's Books Prize and a Silver Wishing Shelf Award. The Tragickall Theory of Henry Fowst has just been released by Troubador.

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