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11/newspaper paying for stories for young people and/or kids. One of the most important things to remember about the Cricket Group is the fact that the Cricket Group Magazine and Highlights for Kids are the story. Belletrists targeting the under-18s need other ways than the best-known and most difficult to reach literature. These are some stores that buy feature films for kids and/or teenagers.

Make sure you are familiar with each release before you submit it, as each release has a special editing flavor. Please note that the deadlines are open and closed all year round. This sci-fi publisher's name is Children's Blin's Are Yummy, but they seldom look for little children's clichés.

Recently they have published YA ethologies using shorts and lightning for them. Normally you are paying $10-$30 per story. Deadline for submissions. Now they' re paying $30 a story. You take both children's and middle-class plays, with an accent on play and adventures. Above all, they enjoy wildlife tales. Deadline for submissions.

This Alban Lake Publishing printmagazine is intended for children from 8 to 18 years and beyond and purchases fantastic and sci-fi tales with up to 6000 words and prefers tales with a powerful global structure. The price is 15 dollars per story, plus a printed version. Deadline for submissions. That ezine is buying mid-sized tales (although the 8-17 rules say they favor tales for the younger end of this spectrum).

Above all, they like tales with a "rough" element. Instructions for submitting. With a subtle, magic twist, this biannual Golden Fleece Press newsletter is the favorite way to submit your work. Pay $50 a story. Instructions for submitting. It is the medium sized version of Refractions, also from Golden Fleece Press.

Make your imagination story magic and breathtaking again, but target the 8-12 age group. Pay $50 a story. Deadline for submissions. A number of fictitious e-zines are published by Silver Pen Publishing, and this is its offer for young adults. You like to hear tales of genuine problems that young people face. They' re uncommon for considering any grandeur history, from 200 to 20K words.

Salary ranges from $5-$15 per story. Deadline for submissions. History does not necessarily need an intense religious communiqué, but it must be appropriate to the topic of a particular issue, as indicated on the Sub-Guidelines page. You' ll give preference to third-person POV and charge $.03 per second. Deadline for submissions.

When writing YA sci-fi or phantasy, you should watch Cast of Words, a podcasting episode that also publishes the story lyrics on its website. and they want teenage stuff, not children's literature. Deadline for submissions. Poesy, up to 12K words poetic and fictional and imaginative articles.

Deadline for submissions. Every year Dreaming Robot Press opens a three-month deadline for their mid-sized sci-fi series. They' re paying per rate, $.06 a week, and they like nonconformist story-- Deadline for submissions. We are the journal for free authors. We' ll get you firms that hire authors. We are committed to the success of professional authors.

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