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Publishers for children looking for submissions

("Submission Guidelines") Search for children's and youth books and non-fiction. Publishing houses looking for manuscripts for children and young people Merry submission, girls! The goal of Dawn Publications is to give kids a deep insight and comprehension of all living things on this planet. Our goal is to help educators and educators empower kids to connect with the planet in a relation of charity, mutual esteem and collaboration through the textbooks we are publishing and the teaching material we are offering on-line.

There is a âNature Awarenessâ title for grown-ups and kids. The aim of our image book is to promote respect for and involvement in the natural world. Our aim is to enthuse and raise kids. He who is inspiring is a motivating one. In general, we do not âjustâ discloseâ articles without any other property that captures a child's interest.

While most of our works are storybooks, we sometimes release monochrome chapterbooks for intermediate learners, such as the Earth Heroes Life Story section, when there is a powerful environment and inspiration in it. As we like to be at the forefront of the idea, we are ready, for example, to release the Great Story for Kids as a universe serial.

There is no Dawn publishing any:: Submissions are accepted by e-mail and post. For submitting by e-mail: Importantâ "Use the following file name in the email message reference line: âManuscript submission:â followed by the name of your work, followed by âby (your name). â (For example, script template: Just a script, please!

Your email should contain a covering note about yourself, your intention and your future prospects for this entry and your other releases, if any. You can either attach the script as a Word or PDF file or it can be part of the text of the e-mail. Please re-enter your biographic data if you have already sent in other scripts.

Email to: We do not ask you to email Dawn Publications with any submissions or requests. Deposit by mail: Include a covering note about yourself, your intention and your visions for your entry and, if applicable, your other work. Submissions to:: Through our group of companys we print or print approx. 100 publications per year.

It specialises in the fields of story, life, poetry, sport, photo albums, photo works, and childrenâ??s and youth newspapers. The Fitzhenry & Whiteside Childrenâs Publishing Division is currently looking for papers in the following areas: There is no acceptance of blackboard writings, narratives, seasonal histories or early chapters, nor are we interested in writings that have been created to teach a lecture or a morality.

Most of our work is published by native speakers, mainly in Canada. Please enclose the complete text for submissions. In the case of a novel, please send only one suggestion / summary and the first three sections. Please enclose a suggestion and a sketch with two or three example sections for non-fiction books. Entries should be clearly legible.

Cannot receive submissions by facsimile or e-mail. No more than one script at a stretch. A covering note should accompany all submissions. Enquiry notices, covering notes and the first page of the script should contain the author's name, adress, and telephone number. Do not hand in the originals of your manuscripts.

While we will do our best to give back scripts, we cannot warrant this unless we also get a Canada postage-paid version of your manuscript (stamps only, no cheques or payment instructions, please). Please note that we cannot send back scripts by cash on delivery. Don't send in any artwork with your history. Children's scripts and illustration patterns should be sent to Christie Harkin at the following address:

If you are interested, please take a look at our website and read about our literature to see if your history could be apt. We' re only publishing storybooks. We' re not interested in conceptional, non-fiction, early readership, chapters or YA-romances. No vacation logs either, thank you. Please email Shari Dash Greenspan at with a description of your storyline (plot, number of words, audiences, what makes your storyline unique).

Don't add the request to an email, insert it into the email. In no case should a copy be sent (neither appended nor inserted in the e-mail) until it has been ordered by the publisher. Don't post requests or scripts. We' re becoming papermaking and will ignore and re-cycle all papermaking patterns we have.

Because of the large number of requests we are receiving, we are no longer able to respond individually to requests that we do not wish to track. We will automatically answer that we have recieved your request. We' ll only email you again if we want to see your full work.

When you do not get another email within a period of one week or so, please note that your history has not been deemed appropriate for our line. Don't despair: we only release several titles a year, so we have to be highly discriminating. If desired, we will evaluate your manuscript within 3-4 men.

IMMEDIEDIUM produces groundbreaking, powerful and informative works and works with authors who share the same objectives. The publisher's responsability is to combine words with images to produce a distinctive image. So, please do not make suggestions that copy our current work. Also do not send in children's photo book, which you consider to be completely with "finished art", because we want to have the freedom to enhance and hone your concepts.

We would be pleased to receive your suggestion with covering letters, curriculum vitae and specimens (written or illustrated). In your covering note you should briefly and concisely explain: general theme, main emphasis and dissertation, pertinent backgrounds and skills, targeted audience and readers, similar publications (the five bestsellers on this topic) and interest in working with Immedium.

For children's illustrated text you should submit your complete manuscripts with page break, for other categories a one-page abstract and two pattern sections (a full 50 pages). To return your material, enclose a prepaid return package (SASE) with the appropriate amount of first-class shipping.

If you only want one answer, however, please enter a lettersize or your e-mail-adress. When you do not enclose your material with your purchase, we will re-cycle it. Please submit your full suggestion to: Scarletta has been a freelance publisher of high-quality editorials and designs for kids and grown-ups since 2005. Our approaches to every song we release are driven by our commitment to innovate, our love of detail and our love of detail.

As we try to release new parts that are lacking in the written word, we also want to ensure that your script fits our fellowship of genres. Each book we produce is an intellectual stimulus and adds to the readerâ? "s context. The Junior Readers and Kids Imprint collection focuses on reading and illustrated textbooks with pedagogical phrases, fascinating illustration and thrilling storylines.

These are the kinds of music we focus on: Theatres, scripts, stories or poems are not published. Please enclose with your covering note a summary of your textbook and one or two sections, not more than 30 pages. Both mediated and immediate scripts are accepted. We kindly ask you to enclose a prepaid return package (SASE) to get our reply.

Your contributions can be sent to: Editor, Scarletta Press, 10 SA105th Street, Suite 1105, Minneapolis, MN 55402; or attach an article to (please do not submit directly to our staff). Because of the number of submissions and our small team, reply times may differ.

We' ll try to answer your contributions within one months. If you are submitting outside our read cycle, we will of course only answer again when our read cycle starts again. Ensuring that every magazine we release is properly placed on the open markets and of the highest possible standard.

Publication is usually sluggish, and according to the amount of work, the season/date that makes the most sense for the subject, and when you need to commission an illustration, it can take a year or two.

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