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We specialise in high-quality literature for kids from 2 to 13 years. We specialise in high-quality literature for 2 to 13 year olds. Well known for linking information with fun, our cutting-edge, award-winning publications make them the favourites of youngsters, adults, teachers as well as library staff. Dear Dr. Zed was mentioned in many of these early publications.

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You can find our publications wherever beautiful works are on sale, as well as in our on-line shop. Publishers from abroad who require a printed catalogue for legal reasons can call (416) 340-2700 or send us an e-mail: Whom do I ask about advertising to order a copy of a press release or to arrange an author's personal question?

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Children's Publishers of Canada - List of publishers of children's books/magazines....

Showing 1 to 10 of 45 children's publishers in Canada. Professional publishing house that offers K-12, academic, professional, commercial and benchmark publishing solutions. The Nelson Training Ltd. is present in the following major market segments: K-12, Higher Training, Professional Learning, Business, Industry and Gov. Together we make a real difference in the Canadians' life by providing the highest level of product and service to them.

SCHOLASIC Canada Ltd. Canada's biggest publishers and distributors of children's literature. Premium image-book, youth and non-fiction series. Reading materials for kids in English and French. Pedagogical textbooks. The university promotes its goal of achieving top performance in research, science and teaching by means of global publication. Our cookbooks are published in English and Greek about the mediterrane diet.

Aged 7-11 years, our children's book with a hint of cuisine. The Crabtree Publishing Company is committed to the production of high value K-9+ textbooks and education materials. Every asset combines precision, directness and eye-catching illustrations with the aim of arousing no less than a lifelong interest in child and schooling.

In 1978, the firm began its fame as a premium children's non-fiction publishing house with Bobbie Kalman's first serial on the early forerunners. Over the next 35 years, both Crabtree Publishing and Bobbie Kalman have evolved into wonderfully illuminated textbooks and pedagogical resource about many other curricula, among them wildlife, lands, life and natural science, geographics and lives.

Our aim is to release exceptionally high-calibre, critically acclaimed and acclaimed works that are conceived to reach kids, young people, library staff, educators and family. All of the Kinderverlag's favourite publications are produced in a variety of genres: illustrated textbooks, blackboard for the very young, middle-class stories, young grown-up stories and non-fiction for all age-groups.

The first three volumes were released in May 2011 and will be available in autumn 2011. Winskill has more than 35 years of publishers expertise with a strong emphasis on child publishers. Gail's long-time journalist and co-worker, Ann Featherstone, who has been working as an editorial assistant for 23 years, has an excellent track record in all children's literature categories.

FouLire Éditions was founded in 2002 and is devoted to the publishing of amusing children's stories and web sites. The Éditions Hurtubise have been offering a range of premium textbooks to suit readers' taste and needs since 1960. The Orca Book Publishing Ltd. Famous for Orca Soundings hesitant book for teenagers, Orca Book Publishers also produces picture-book, age-appropriate chapters and exceptional teenage-romances.

The Éditions Michel Quintin, established in 1982, stand out for the variety and qualitiy of their works for French-speaking reader. Initially specialised in the publication of literature on wildlife, the natural world and the natural world, the company produced for several years all types of fiction for young people and grown-ups, as well as useful advice.

In Canada, 45 children's publishers are listed.

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