Children's Publishers Accepting Submissions 2016

Publishers for children who accept contributions 2016

in Buburuza Productions, February 22, 2016, 4:51 a.m. We' re looking for image-driven stories for children aged 2-8. Accepting Unsolicited Manuscript Submissions, publishers of children's books who accept contributions. 1.

5 4th Gibbs Smith Nonfiction and Children's Books. We' re now accepting manuscripts from authors and agents.

manuscript call

Invitation to submit: W-why submit? Belles Lettres for children & teenagers: We' re looking for scripts for our show "I Can Remember". We' re looking for fresh, appealing scripts for the following genres: Criminality, horror, enigma, thriller, classic noir criminality, lesbians, eroticism and culture-based historic diction - (Africans, Maori, Aborigines, natives, Asians, natives of Latin America, natives of Middle America, Scots, Irish, etc.).

Novelty Guides: Our aim is to find survivors who are able to provide basic information on how to survive in different climatic zones, how to build and hunt for surviving, social/psychological survivorship skills for groups and how to survive. Guide for travellers and removals: When you are an enthusiastic traveller or have moved from your home to another land, we are looking for guidebooks and step-by-step instructions.

I' m a sex guide: We' re also looking for pictorial travel books dealing with love, custard, old and contemporary sex styles and notions. Guidelines for submission..... IMPORTANT: All scripts should be completed and processed and finished to the best of our knowledge and belief. We accept scripts from Frahlingen or directly from writers. Submissions are accepted between August 1, 2016 and February 2017.

Should your submission not be completed, processed and shined to the best of our knowledge and belief during this period, we will accept the submissions 6 month after this period.

Publishing houses that are accepting unwanted scripts

is a sci-fi and phantasy publishers. The library unsolicitedly receives scripts for all works and favours submissions via its own online application forms. We are accepting new writers and have a large e-publishing team. We are accepting all types of literature and non-fiction. We release the following category of music: sci-fi, phantasy, mystery and historic notion.

Contributions from young adults are also accepted if they fall into these catagories. The DAW Books is the sci-fi and phantasy print of Penguin Books. She takes on unasked handwritten documents and favours them in hard copy. She will reply in about three month and will not consider any concurrent submissions. We are looking for literature.

Shorts are fine. Inkit produces a free copy of author's textbooks that can be viewed with their own applications. When the reader likes the work, Inkitt will offer the writer a publisher's agreement. In this case, the writers get 25% of the turnover. No authoring fees are charged and Kellan provides a restricted service for coverage designs, editorial and consulting.

Kensington's flag ship Impprint releases national bestsellers of women's literature, romance tension and bestsellers of historic, para-normal and modernism. Releases folksy modern romance. Releases best-selling thriller, westerner, horror and real detective stories. William W. Johnstone, the most beloved of Pinnacle's best-selling writers in the West. Citadel: Citadel is Kensington's non-fiction print.

Cityadel releases celebrated memoir and works on popcultures, past and present. Founded in January 2006, Aphrodisia releases an exceptionally varied and beloved series of sexy romantic stories that range from historic to para-normal, modern, ménage, and more. Dafina: Founded in autumn 2000, Dafina is the premier publishing house for business literature from and about Africans.

Dafina, which is Swahili for an unanticipated present or sweetheart's sweetheart, mirrors the Impressum's mission: to divide the present of story telling. The Dafina Book company has become a publisher of vibrant adult narratives in such varied styles as feminist fantasy, road lighting, romanticism and inspiring clichés. Dafina extended its programme in 2006 to read for young people.

The Dafina Book Group produces over eighty hardback, retail paperbacks, consumer and eBooks per year. Kensington Kteen was founded in early 2011 and is focused on releasing a host of thrilling, commercially oriented literature for teenagers with good news, cutting-edge shops and all the drama, humour and imagination teenagers like. Dafina KTeen: Under the Dafina Kteen impressum we release Romantic, Mysterium, Paranormales and Streetlighting for Teenagers. eKensington:

eKensington was released in 2012 and is a multi-genre eKensington print, including: women's literature, romanticism, street fantasies, thriller and mysteries. eKensington provides a new forum for Kensington's acclaimed writers and a new way to bring writers and new talent to the reader in all their favourite music.

Revelation Base Books: However, men seem to really like these male ledgers who happily transcend the boundaries of flavor, humour and sloppiness. Laurel Stuart Books: The Holloway House publishing of iconic road literature has become the norm for this style. Lyrical Press was established in 2007 by Renee Rocco and provides its readership with a comprehensive catalogue of works that ranges from delicate modern romance and angular sexy paranormal to exciting mystery stories and shock sci-fi series.

Writers can look to Lyrical Press for a personalised publication that understands the relation between writer and publishers as symbiotically. If the writers are successful, the company is successful. The NCM Publishers publish all types of literature, non-fiction, self-help and youth books. Subjects of interest to both alternate (GLBTQ) as well as primary readership, such as humour, popular cultural, contemporary affairs and policy, ecology, eroticism, educational, healthcare, sports, travelling, domestic animals, biographies and memoirs, society and story.

We' re also interested in Anthology and How-To-Books (e.g. write lessons) and, according to the approaches, also in subjects from the areas of economics, social sciences and religions. Finding small publishers who are publishing poems or volumes of poems, literature, creative textbooks (memoirs), etc. It will show you your selection and you can sort the music.

Narrative and folk tale collection for adults. The Chronicle Book was not endorsed by Preditors and Editor. Free Spirit Publishing produces high-quality non-fiction and educational material for kids, youngsters, adults, teachers, consultants and others who love to work with youngsters. HORRORROR & DARK FISH - don't frighten us with your attitudes, dialogues and personalities - not with bleeding and gussets and lacking parts of you.

Sci-fi - do you have a fantasy/romantic/paranormal/etc. on another planets? Please submit a complete script for children's photo albums. We do not approve request mail that does not contain a script. At the moment the following catagories are published by Peachtree: Publish Start-Up concentrated on the publication of Kindle non-fiction and the provision of web search capabilities for Google to make its contents more accessible to the reader.

Small independant publishing house located in Cornwall, UK. We' re a publishing house with a long tradition of licensing and accepting submissions from writers electronically, regardless of publishing histories or genres. You do not accept non-fiction (Feb.2016). Usually releases works for families with particular needs, but said they would also be interested in submissions for children's work.

Illustrated scripts for kids from 2-8 years. Fiction and chapters for kids from 8-12 years. Fiction for young people. Examples of artworks with paintings by kids. Dawns publish" Life Awareness" title for grown-ups and kids. The aim of our image guides is to promote respect for and involvement in the natural world. Our aim is to enthuse and raise kids.

Well, an inspiring kid is a highly motivating kid. Dashlight only works with photo albums. To submit, click Contacts and slide down for the submit policy. Leeward & Low Publications produces multi-cultural literature for kids and teens. Any manuscript must be directed at colorful kids with an authentically sound. You will receive contributions from new writers by post.

You do not approve emails. The Saguaro Books, LLC is a publishing house for medium and young adults by first-timers. You will also receive uncalled copies of the manuscript. Krystal Russell, Small Separate Children's Media, Phone: 918-770-9923,

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