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Award-winning publishing house for children of all ages. Lincoln Publishers produces lavishly illustrated books on beautiful gardens that appreciate classical art and British history and culture. At Penguin Random House Children's, V&A Publishing works together to produce books that show the wonder of art and design for children. Kids and young adults - kids and young adults. At the Bologna Children's Book Fair in Italy, a South African company was voted the best children's book publisher on the continent.

Lists of children's publishers in the UK who accept unwanted scripts.

They cannot be released without an agents, and you cannot get an agents without being released - or so the saying goes. Fortunately, there are still a few children's publishers who like to walk through the "slush pile", this rocking manuscript turret we have in mind, fill a part of the bureau, each represents an agentless author who hopes against the hopes that they will be torn out of the darkness.

So, in the style of fellow writers, here is my latest listing of author-friendly children's book publishers in the UK who still accepts uninvited scripts. N. B. Where there is a hyperlink, I have tried to take you to the submission page of the publisher's website; where this is not possible, I have placed a hyperlink to the website's homepage.

Anderson Press publishes photo albums with approx. 500 words (max. 1K), youth literature with 3-5K and older literature with up to 75K. You need a summary and 3 example sections, only in paper form, and should be answered within 2 month. From time to time they are open for submission, but please visit the website for more information about the work.

A masthead of Michael O'Mara and Buster publishes children's and non-fiction literature as well as a small selection of literature (but no photo books). Filing detail is scarce, so try the standard three sections plus synopses and cover letters/e-mail. They can send in by mail or e-mail and ask you to enclose an address if you want to return your hard copy but they cannot answer.

Is a self-published small freelance publishers. You' ll take a small number of children's literature, but no storybooks. Please submit the first three sections, the summary and the cover note by mail or using the submission page submission format. CROOKSAT - CHEQUE website for next submitissions is a small British publishers that, among other things, offers young grown-up literature for its Silver series, up to a max of 90,000.

Submit a cover note with a short biography, detailed information about the gender, number of words, readers and promotional programs; a two-page summary; and the first three chapter (up to a maximum of 10,000 words) in a Word spread. A new publishing company that published its first works in spring 2013, seeks "fat, funny and imaginative" literature from 3 years and develops many of its own work.

Please e-mail them samples and a CV and wait for an answer only if they are interested. The Dinosaur Book Dinosaur Book is a small independent publishing house looking for thrilling literature for the 5-12 year old readers with tradional flair - see for example their beautifully illuminated Dinoteks Book.

Do not use storybooks or rhyme-guides - think quick quest for 5-8 or 8-12. You would like to receive an e-mail submission of the first three sections and a summary of the volume and try to respond within six-month. CURRENT LYLOSED TO current lylosed to cach UP BUT watches THIS space - Fat Fox released their first volumes in 2014.

You are looking for photo albums, young literature (ca. 6-9), literature (9-12) and young adults (12-14) as high-quality printed and electronic literature. Entries should include a well one-page cover note, a summary, the full text of the text of the textbook if it is a storybook (no illustrations), the first three sections and the definitive number of words of the longer text.

Please submit them as Word files to the e-mail addresses provided on the registration page. This is a Scotch based fledgling press that specializes on novice writers who have a wide range of literature included YA. It is recommended that you e-mail three sections and a brief summary, which should be answered within 6week.

When your textbook is approved, it will be placed on a long list for possible release. This Scotish publishing house accept mailings for its Picture Kelpies and Kelpies titles for 6-9 and 8-12 year-old people. Letters should be between 30 and 60K words and you should be expecting to listen back within 3 acres.

Notice: Only if you are a Scotish author or your text is written in Scotland and/or has a Scots thematic. We are a member of the Nobrow Group and are dedicated to produce a range of high-quality, attractive children's books and non-fiction books. At the moment they accept contributions in pictures and non-fiction.

Send your application as an e-mail with the summary and they will reply as soon as possible. This wellestablished publishing house produces illustrated and young literature (6-9 years) and novel (9-14 years) and is looking for extraordinary texts that are truly outstanding.

You are part of the Quarto group of publishers, so the conditions for submitting entries can be found on the Quarto website. Send by e-mail only with the specified information specified, inclusive of a signature on the deposit form. The Grimlock Press has an uncommon peer-reviewed filing process on the website, so you need to sign up and post your entry - the first three sections and the summary - instead of sending it by e-mail or post.

This small publishing house is specialized in illustrated textbooks up to 10 years. Submit your manuscripts by mail or e-mail - full text for the first three sections and a summary for young adults. Templates will not be sent back, so simply enter an SCE or e-mail for an answer.

Check out the catalog on the website to get an impression of what they do. This thrilling publishing house is looking for new entries for children between the ages of 9-19. You receive e-mail entries and ask for the complete script plus summary (which makes good business case for e-submission). He publishes a series of colorful and vivid illustrated book.

In contrast to some publishers of illustrated books, they accepted rhymes. E-mail submission is preferably sent as a zip or Word attachment together with a cover note or an e-mail, but can also be submitted by mail. Entries are sometimes blocked so that they can make up ground. The publisher Mogzilla Mogzilla is an independant publisher with pedagogical link, currently looking for historic literature only for children aged 6-15 years.

You ask for suggestions by e-mail and if you are interested, ask for the script, either by mail or as a text file, so do not submit a script unless you have approved a suggestion. Crow Nosy NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING UNAGENTED WORK BUT MAY REVIEW - Nosy Crow is a relatively young and growing publishing house.

They want to use the latest technology and are accepting scripts for people up to the ages of 12 (more familyoriented than nervous). You ask for a brief summary and the first section (or the complete text if it is a storybook ) as well as a cover note about your work. You agree by e-mail (preferred) or mail.

O'Brien Press This publishing company in Ireland accept booklets with less than 1K words and literature for 6+, 8+, 10+ and 13+. Please send us a summary and 2 or 3 example full text sections for illustrated text only. Though they claim not to give back failed entries, they have returned mine.

Please also be aware that you do not use German postmarks when sending an SEE! This US publishing house is a small, independent'boutique' publishing house that wants to open up new areas of print and new technologies in addition to it. They' re accepting entries from the UK and signing the Welsh writer Craig Jones on a four-book deed.

You accept currently uncalled copies for pictures, intermediate classes (equivalent to readers aged 8-12 in the UK) and young people. Submit an e-mail with the first three sections in the text of the e-mail and the information they request on the registration page (do not add any attachment, otherwise your e-mail will be deleted!).

The Penguin Children's Department accepts all types of unwanted manuscript in all areas of children's literature and non-fiction except illustratediction. You would like to receive e-mail submission and a brief accompanying e-mail with a Word appendix, which should be a text containing (again) the correspondence, a brief summary and the work itself in its totality.

Please review the policies thoroughly and reformat the e-mail heading as you wish. It is possible to send the paper by mail, but you should give an e-mail for the reply and do not await the script back. Claire Hennessy, children's journalist, will be pleased to reply to all questions via Twitter (@clairehennessy). PICCOADILLY PRESS is specialized in modern literature for 6+, 8-12 and 11-15 year-old people.

You will also be publishing image guides with 500 to 1,000 words (32 pages). You should submit the entire script and a summary. We are looking for 5-8, 7-10, 8-12 and YA years. You do not take pictures. Instead of the standard submission pack, please e-mail us with information about your submission as described on the submission page on the website.

It should contain a cover text that you wrote yourself (imagine the back of a notebook - how it would be described so you would want to study it). The Stripes Stripes are the property of the same firm as Little Tiger Press and distribute to 6-12 year old and young teenage people.

You have a deadline for submitting entries on a periodic basis, so do not submit anything until you have reviewed the website. You will only receive emails consisting of a cover note, a comprehensive summary and the first 1000 words. Don't post photo albums. Sweet Cherry Publishing - Currant Subject Window: February 2018 - This independently owned publishing company located in Leicester welcomes scripts for all age groups but is looking for possible serials or collection.

Feel free to send us your manuscripts by mail or e-mail, or use the submission page below to send us your manuscripts. They should add the first three sections (or 3 storybooks ), a cover note, a summary and short contours of forthcoming titles. In contrast to most publishers, they do not charge a royalty, but a prepayment, which is agreed upon upon accept.

Part of Random House, tamarind was founded to improve the equilibrium of ethnicality in children's writing by encouraging the development of textbooks with either African, Asiatic or hybrid heroes. You' ll consider "unusual", unauthorized scripts; see their submission policy, which also includes proposals on the number of words and possible topics; you can mail or e-mail them in and should provide them with a cover letter/e-mail, a summary and the first three sections.

You can send all your pictures without illustration and you should refrain from using animals, but respect the ethics in the rules. The Tango Buchs Ltd - WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Tango publishes news for children from 1-8 years with reference to the world. You will receive a manuscript by mail or e-mail and you should add up to 1000 words and a short writer's bio to the full text.

Known for its wonderful'ology' textbooks, Templar only accepts picture-book and news manuals by mail and try to answer within 3 mo. Tibyowski - This independant publishing house is producing gorgeous, multi-cultural textbooks and promotes the submission of different writers about different personalities..... Textbooks should contain less than 600 words.

From Matthew James Publishing, an independant publishing house, the new child print is looking for photo albums. Submission by mail or e-mail with cover letters, synopses and author's biographies. LIMAGINE That Publishing (formerly Top That!) is specialized in image- and chapterbooks for young people.

You would like to send us an e-mail, but you are accepting post-manuscripts with a valid e-mail adress. E-mail attachment size should be less than 1 megabyte. Do not send concurrent entries (i.e. do not send them to other publishers at the same time). A big name in the image publishers business, Walker usually does not take on unasked works, but what they will take on are illuminated scripts - so if you are a writer/illustrator, you have the chance to enter them.

Please use the e-mail-adress you provided to attach the whole file with Word for the text and jumpers or PDF files for the images. They can also mail in a blind copy and/or a typewritten script, but not originals, only photocopies. A brandnew, independently owned publishing house located in Manchester, Zuntold is looking for children's literature from high school.

Tales with a powerful travel personality or that a hint of psychological well being would be a good choice for this publishing house. Cricket's US-based line of children's journals comprises Babybug for up to three years, Ladybug for 3-6 years, Ladybug for 6-9 years, Cricket for 9-14 years and Cicada for over 14 years.

From time to time they are open to writing between 500-2000 words, but do not charge. A small but aspiring publishing house, it wants to be the first port of call for online downloads of shorts, and it pays as a small proportion of the low cost of downloads billed to you. Watch this blockbuster article for more detail and an introductory talk with an editor of Cast of were.

?izzle is a new global child care website for 9-14 year old people. You are looking for 500-1200 words of literature and are a paidarket. Catalogs When you submit to publishers, it's a good idea to check the latest catalog to see what you accept at the time. In case you don't find a catalog on the front page, try to google the publisher's name, "Catalog", and the year.

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