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What are your findings on the fatalities of child poetry ethology? Lee: Poetry for kids has experienced a drastic decline. Approximately twenty catalogues were published in 2009 and only seven in 2010. There are several possible causes why a collection does not appear: Reprinting charges, which were normally low, have skyrocketed, mainly due to the demand from publishers for all copyrights.

While many are just, one of the agents looking after a vast group of America's top writers requires a high one-off charge for hardback, another for paperbacks, another for book clubs, another for global privileges. You can' t put the guilt on the publishers who have to give the composer an advanced payment, an illustrated artist an advanced payment, an approval fund - all before a script goes into output from the editorial office.

I made a new compilation, Shoaring the Season (McElderry Books, 2010), a 48 selection volume that ran nearly $10,000 in approval fee. A further issue is that some large publishers who have once released compilations will just not take on any more scholarly work. It' s a frustration that some have turned their backs on the style after releasing mega-hit series.

We now see'celebrity collections', for example Julie Andrews with Little, Brown, Caroline Kennedy with Hyperion. A further obstacle is that many young writers know little about poetry and are not prepared to add an autobiography to their lists. SV: How will new writers find an public, if not in an antholog?

It is my sincere wish that the situation will change among publishers. SV: If publishers are less interested in the anthology, what format for poetry volumes have a market opportunity? Lee: Picture-book ethologies with 14-20 verses have a better opportunity than large compilations. SV: How are the picture-book poetry collection developing, since the number of illustrated albums seems to be declining in general?

Lee: Publish is an eternal quiz. When the poetry and the work of art gels, novels go well. Joyce Sidman's DARKKENKENKENDER UND ANDERE POEME DER NACHT are just two good example; last year the volume was released by Houghton Mifflin for Children and won a number of awards, among them a Newbery Honorbook for 2010. Marilyn Singer's MIRROR MIRROR (Dutton, 2010) was another great success.

There are so many things that go into a product that performs well on the market. An impressive compilation with a visual artists is enough for almost every illustrated work. SV: Which publishers are still looking for and publishing poems for young readers, especially for new writers? Lee: The only publishers in America who only release a series of poems is Boyd's Mills Press/Wordsong.

Wordsong, who began as Boyds Mills Press' own branch to emphasise poetry, was very succesful with award-winning songs such as CARVER: A Live in Poems, a Newbery Honor Book by Marilyn Nelson, HOW GOD FIXED JonahH by Lorenz Graham, pictorialized by Ashley Bryan, an ALA Notable Book, and my own BEEN TO YESTERDAYS:

Not only does the company publish new parts, it also features classical works in printed form as in the bestseller ANOTHER JAR OF TOY SARS, which features poetry by all fifteen prizewinners of the NCTE Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children Award. SV: In the past, the poetry publisher has dived in now and then - what conditions did intervene at that time to stimulate poetry?

Lee: Poetry has always been a poor relation in linguistic art. It' s the teacher and the librarian who must support the discipline and make it a part of the daily experience for them. It is also important that we get publishers to take more risks. The latest was also a blessing for the promotion of poetry.

SV: What changes do you see in the way how professors and library staff react to poetry for youngsters? Lee: I think I found out that once a teacher and librarian become addicted, they become addicted forever. Poetics must come into our children's life as natural as breathing.

You should listen to poetry, be confronted with the gender every single and every single one of your days. USING POETRY ACROSS THE CURRICULUM: SECOND EDITION by Barbara Chatton (Libraries Unlimited, 2010), and two Sylvia M. Vardell books: POETRY ACROSS HE! ALA, 2006: A PRACTICAL ala, 2006: a practical guide to children's poetry (Libraries United, 2007).

They are among the best three songs to combine poetry and child.

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