Children's Picture Book Publishers uk Accepting Submissions

uk children's picture book publisher Acceptance of submissions

At the moment they accept picture book and non-fiction contributions. Based in the UK, Nosy Crow publishes children's books and apps for children. We' re a publisher, not an illustration agency! The Scribble is a lively, eclectic list of illustrated books for children by brilliant writers and artists from all over the world. She has been working in publishing for over a decade, both in Melbourne and London.

We will only receive entries for the following :

Submissions will only be accepted for the following purposes: Childrens literature for 5-8 year olds. Belles Lettres for kids from 7-10 years. Belles Lettres for kids from 8-12 years. Literature for adults. Please note that we do NOT approve submissions for: First and foremost, please do NOT submit your work. We will then let you know as soon as possible whether we would like to review your work.

We' re always reading a great deal and while we're reading everything as quickly as possible, it'll take us a while to get back to you.

Scribble - Award-winning picture book for children

The Scribble team is happy to receive your written and unpublished evaluation copies. At the moment we only receive picture book contributions from writers and illustrations. In order to manage the amount of submissions, however, we only adopt the submissions in June each year. Contributions made outside these deadlines will unfortunately not be accepted.

The Scribble is a lively, ecological and thought-provoking collection of picture book that is celebrating the universes of children. We currently release around six magazines per year. Before submitting our publication lists, please familiarize yourself with them. Please note that we are accepting handwritten material by e-mail. - a resume and/or a resume of your past publications/awards/recognitions for your work.

We' ll be reviewing all the scripts by the end of September. If you have not received any information from us by this time, your entry was not a success.

The Miles Stott Children's Literature Agency

It is important that you adhere to our submissions policy if you wish to contribute materials. Because of the amount of articles we get, we can only give input to those writers or graphic designers whose work we think is promising. This does not mean that it is unsuitable for anyone, so please do not allow yourself to be discouraged from subjecting yourself to other coaches.

We do not ask you to submit contributions to our e-mail address, as these will be removed. Belletristic for all age groups - from chapters to young adults - in all categories. Belletristic submissions will only be accepted by e-mail; post submissions will be processed. Picture book submissions are accepted by e-mail only; post submissions will be processed.

You may also find it useful to know if you are filing your work with other coaches. As a picture-book writer, you can submit up to three story lines as Word or Portable Document (PDF). For illustrators, please submit a choice of pictures (low resolution) in Jpg or Portable Document Format up to 5 Mbytes.

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