Children's Picture Book Publishers Accepting Submissions

Picture book publishers for children accept entries

Submissions will only be accepted by e-mail. Manuscripts sent in unsolicited are accepted. Please note their submission guidelines. Not all publishers accept email submissions, some do not. (.

.... they also accept unagented submissions from first-time authors!) Find out what they are looking for, rules of the writer, what to throw, submission etiquette and more!


Submissions by authors and illustrators. Please one of the following documents should you wish to forward your work:: Please provide a full script for children's picture book. In the case of all others, either return a full script OR a list of content with three example sections. TO ALL SUBMISSIONS: Provide full details, such as email, postal and telephone number(s).

Submissioned material will NOT be sent back. Do not enter your own work. PRINCIPLE INFORMATION: Please do not transmit source documents or scripts. We reserve the right to choose the artist. We' re not checking a script on CD or floppy disk. Entries should be sent to: All submissions will be reviewed in due time.

The submission procedure usually lasts 6-9 month, as we try to give each script the consideration it is worth. If you are looking for a publisher: read banners. When the editor cannot give a yes to all the below mentioned answers, !

Is the publishing house welcoming your contribution and promoting your cooperation throughout the entire project? Are you encouraged by the publishing house to work in close cooperation with the illuminator or the photographer (or does it intend to keep you apart)? Is there an author's website on the book? Do you have a listing of the publications to which the publishing house sends portfolios?

Do you have a listing of the points of sale to which the publishing house has sent reviews? Do you receive requests for press and distribution contacts from the publishing house and do they mail reviews to you? Do you know how many books are printed?

Do you know how many issues of your book were published and how many after? Is there a requirement for the publishing company to purchase a certain number of titles before granting you the highest possible royalty-rate? Is the publishing house going to publish a second copy of your book or is it only going to publish one (so that you have an out-of-print book)?

Do you receive notification when the publishing house is considering a re-print so that you can additions or changes? Together with our artist we create full colour picture book and full colour and monochrome cover art for our work. Upload examples of your work in a separate, labelled file in the following formats:

Don't send:

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