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authors of children's picture books

ick Sharratt, illustrator of Jacqueline Wilson's books and author of The Cat and the King. This is Babette Cole, author and illustrator of Princess Smartypants. Ssh! Author Chris Haughton! The list is intended to give the children and adults who look after them an understanding of newer books in the field of children's literature.

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The best picture book of the authors of 2016

The year 2016 was a great year for children's picture book, but which were the best? Several of our favorite authors and designers choose their jewelry of the year. Tell us what your best 2016 book on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram was. It is a bright, all-new Charlie and Lola picture book that is smart and fun and a pleasure to hear loud.

Every parental who has ever said: "Two more minutes" or "just one more thing for everyone" (and that is certainly every parental) will refer to how often numbers are not just intriguing for small kids, but also part of the negotiations of daily ailments. These four volumes of hot, fun tales about frogs and toads, first released in the 70s, are now available in a beautiful work.

My kids and now my grandkids. A table book by the famous Gecko Press artist Jörg Mühle, Tickle My Éars, is one of my favorite 2016 work. An enchanting fairy tale for the very little ones and evidence that a book can be as interactiv as an application with nice, heart-warming hare paintings by Jörg Mühle.

We need translated textbooks more than ever. Now that Emily Gravett has produced many wonderful, smart picture-book titles, she's done it again with Tidy, the storyline of an overly tidy badger who makes the surrounding environment too beautiful. They are enchanting and the rhyme draws the ploy to be fun and thought-provoking at the same moment (environmental topics are easily touched) and the particular front page with its cut-out openings will inspire the young reads.

A book with the embassy that it is possible to be Too neat must, in my opinion, simply be a win! It' the best of all the other titles I've ever been reading that came out in 2016. It' a picture book. It' fun, bold, easy reading with a Dahl-like ending.

This silly and glamorous picture book about how a puppy resists conventions to find its own way and place in the worid. It' a marvelous tale of non-conformity and acceptability. It' my favorite book of the year. It is a tale of frontier controls and immigration that has been condensed and stilled into ingenious, daring prints.

They' ve succeeded in telling the whole thing in a visual way so that it is understandable to the young people. It' contemporary, smart, fun, thoughtful as well as brillant. The book shows that sometimes you only have to spend a while listening, with sensitivity and perseverance, and that without any effort.

There'?s no greater lecture you could write in a book. In the pages of the book itself, it catches the beauties of the book and the fantasy, it tells how the spirit works - nice, filthy and unapologetically. It' a scarce gem of a book, and I like it.

A fantasy is free" is such a good news. It' definitely my book of the year. It is a visionary and imaginative way in which this "story" without words appeals to kids with a visual captivating statement about the well-being of the animals. The book won the IBW Book Award 2016 and we can see why.

It' s both fun and enchanting and kids like it - our kids do it, that's for sure. Book of burglars. Ellis' amusing and nice tale of a group of minute beings who experience the growing of a flower was created in a unique invention. Your bright pictures are full of history and charms, and if you are something like me, you will be spending lessons reading this noteworthy book.

Oh, I loved that book. You know, the kind of dog that gave up a criminal career to make cake.... what's not to like?! This is a dogtastically cool tale with breathtaking pictures! That' the most wonderful book. With the help of rhymes and rhythms, the book is full of facts, the book is large, the productions are of high standard, the illustration is lively and well-worked.

It' perfectly suited to inspire a new breed to fall in with the passion for the game. It' a great accompaniment to Nicolas A First Book of Nature, illustration by Mark Hearld. They have both been released by Walker Books. More or less one hundred per cent, Carson Ellis is the reasons why I became an illuminator and her latest book only proves that my passion for her work is not out of place.

Du Iz Tak is the wonderfully illustrative storyline of two beetles that turn a budding storks into a treehouse. In spite of the absurd words, the storyline develops into a fun, slightly dramatic storyline about the force of Mother Earth, but also, I believe, the force of the game!

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