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Monsters of the Picture Book Agents

Being a picture book photographer, I know that it can be hard to find out which agents are represented by picture bookographers. I do not use authors/illustrators (as I wish!), only auteurs. The My Monsters of Picture Book Agents are agents that act as picture book contributors. Every collection provides information and useful hyperlinks to help picture book publishers find an agents.

It is for your convenience only and is not a recommendation, although I will do my best to enumerate agents of the highest standard. We kindly ask you to research and carefully select which agents are best suited for you! The agencies are sorted here in alphabetical order of agencies. To access the agent's information that has been published, click on the following links.

Things are changing fast in the publishers' environment, so always review and adhere to the submissions policy on the agent's website!

Forwarding Agents

If you are a picture book writer looking for an agency profile, I have put together a checklist of nearly 60 agents that you can research. I' ve taken my information from Casey McCormick's highly-researched diary, Literary Rambles, but I've consolidated the information here to make it simpler and faster.

from Rogers, Coleridge and White Literary Agencies. Belles Lettres and non-fiction for 5-8 year-olds. Likes fun picture albums, but hated rhymes. They devote a lot of space and resource to the illustrated text. This is Taylor Martindale of Frahlingur Sandra Dijkstra. Likes character-based young adults, but will show some picture-book illustrations when the text is full and uplifting.

There are no scientific or natural history textbooks. This is Mary Kole of Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc. "I' m only interested in really extraordinary, fun, bizarre and character-stressed picture albums. I' m Steven Chudney of the Chudney Agency. Specializing in young adults and intermediate, but will consider picture book as it is a different kind of difficulty.

Just an intermittent picture book. Stephanie von Borstel from Full Circle Literary. Welcome multi-cultural and natural history textbooks. I' m Adriana Dominguez of Full Circle Literary. This is Tracey Adams of Adams Literary. Ageless, character-based picture book. Not a handicraft or instructions. This is Josh Adams of Adam's Literary. Ageless, character-based picture book. Not a handicraft or instructions.

I' m Marcia Wernick from the Sheldon Fogelman agency. "I am particularly interested in very productive individuals, so I like to see some picture book scripts. "Kirsten Wolf of Wolf Literary Services, LLC. A fictional as well as a non-fiction book. "Adriann Ranta of Wolf Literary Services, LLC. Interest in literature and restricted non-fiction with a focus on children's, medium and youth literature.

Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc. Caryn's special interests are: funny chapters and novels; "boy" novels; YA, at the interface of commerce and literacy; YA, nervous without being free; non-institutional biographies and other original non-fiction for kids and young people; and Afroamerican and Latin Ameriam.

Folio Literary Management's Emily van Beek. "I am interested solely in attracting young and youthful audiences, from picture book writers and performers to genuine and contemporary literature to lyric and bold YA." "of Rodeen Literary Management. Childrens literature from picture book to non-fiction for young adults, junior high and young adults, illustrations and graphics.

There are no adults' outings. This is Quinlan Lee of Adams Literary. All ages and genres in children's literature, from picture book to YA. Curtis Brown LTD's Anna Webman. Illustrated textbooks, junior high, young adults, multicultural, children's nonfiction. With regard to picture-book, she wants new ideas, tales, voices and entertaining and lively personalities; she is looking for textbooks with a love of reading to them every single one.

This is Paula Allen of Screenland Literary Associates. Specials: picture book, intermediate, series and YA. This is Michelle Andelman from Regal Literary Inc. Authors of picture book illustrations. This is Barry Gold Leaf from Barry Gold Leaf Literary. Representing picture-book, chapterbook, intermediate and young adults, but not illustrator who do not also work. This is Rosemary Stimola from Stimola Literary Studio, Inc.

Writer/ illustrator, Humorful medium-sized business, especially for young people, Spare of language/illustrated imagebooks for the very young. I' m Adriana Dominguez of Full Circle Literature. Textbooks, middle-class and YA literature as well as literature belletristics, women's literature, historic literature, women's interest, multi-cultural, popular art and instructions. Picture book from authors/illustrators only.

Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc. When it comes to picture-book art, Jamie tends to write original, individual, character-based text and illustration. Childrens textbooks, picture book by young adults. "Marietta Zacker of Frahlingur Nancy Gallt. This is Kelly Sonnack of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc. Kelly seeks in picture-book and literary works a good grasp of humour, tales that stimulate the fantasy of a young readership, and an genuine part.

Andrea Brown Literary Agency, Inc. Frahlingur Jennifer DeChiara's Stephen Fraser. "They have a tough life now, but I still like picture book, so I'll never say no to a great picture book text. I' ve got to say, I' m particularly fond of the mid-range. I would like more are chapters (series).

Illustrated picture albums of young adults who represent both writers and graphic designers. There are no picture book rhymes. Dunham Jennie of Dunham Lit., Inc. Literature, non-fiction and children's literature for all age groups (mostly junior and young adults) and some illustrations.

"There are three specialties - literature, non-fiction and children's literature. Our tendency is towards a literal, character-based approach rather than a massive, commercially-styled one. "Foundry Literature + Media's Stephen Barbara. Fundry is a full-service literature and medium design consultancy. Children's and selected adults' literature (commercial, literature, non-fiction).

I' m Mark McVeigh from the McVeigh Agency. "I am looking for selected picture-book ( "character-controlled", witty or with a fully child-friendly hook) to work in today's PBermarket. Dystel & Goderich Literary Management. nn Behar of Scovil Galen Ghosh Literary Agency, Inc. It is Jennifer Carlson of Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Frahlingur.

Its customers are mainly young adults and medium-sized belletristicians with a very selected number of picture book work. Concentrating on children's literature from picture book to YA, she likes to work with author-illustrators. AKA Literary, LLC. Featuring, Grafikroman, Westerns, Jeunes Adultes, Enfants (tous les niveaux), Femmes, Multi-culturel, Empowerment (Choses de Foi) et Inspirational.

Literature, Memoir, Narrative Nonfiction, Secondary School, Picture Book, Young Adults, Graphic Nudes, Humor, Pops, Groceries, Strange Things. Unforeseen memoir with pruritic vocals, nonfiction narratives dealing with difficult to handle topics, ironic and occasionally para-normal YA, laugh-and-you-squirt-milk-out-of-your-nose mid-range, and cute and crazy (yet logical!) picture book by authors/illustrators. I' m Amanda Lewis from the Doe Coover Agency.

Illustrated textbooks, junior high, young adults and children's literature. Notion: Fiction: Romance stories for kids, high school, youth and graphics. from the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, LLC. This is Karen Grencik of Red Fox Literary. "Karen Karen believes in a straightforward philosophy: "If you decide to make children's literature, it's just that - it's a decision. I want to see nicely composed works that let me expand as a person and expand my comprehension of the way I work.

Representation of writers and book illustrated writers for young people from preschool to young adults. "but I' m also interested in young adults, especially youngsters. It would be funny to see a medium-sized imagination. "John Rudolph of Dystel & Goderich Literary Management. He is very interested in medium and young grown-up literature for kids and would like to find the next big picture book author/illustrator.

This is Kendra Marcus of the Book Stop Literary Agency. It greets Latin American/Ispanic character-poetry. Frahlingur Sean McCarthy. Lisa Fleissig from the agency Liza Royce is representing picture-book. For more information on how to create a picture book, please see my page "best picture book blog post".

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