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Complimentary resource in the Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD). When you can, take a course in children's literature or writing for children. You can learn all about writing for children. Her life was dedicated to providing rich literature for children and thinking about how best to do it. To the section of outstanding authors.

Writers & Illustrators - Children's Literature and Libraries

The following is a list of the library's on-line materials that contain information on authors and illustrations. It provides in-depth and trustworthy information about the authors and authors of juvenile and children's literature. As well as biographic and citation information on establishing authors and authors, Something About the Authors is often the only available reference on aspiring authors and performers and contains more than 20,000 records containing extensive biographic and citation information on authors and authors of child and youth literature.

There are also autobiographic papers. Included in this e-book are 1,200 biographically relevant posts and nearly 100 current papers, all of which have been authored by professionals in the area. This work encompasses 150 years of children's literature in many countries: The ebook offers a discerning and valuable survey of English-language children's literature from all over the globe.

Zeitgenössische Literaturkritik contains an expansive compilation of critiques on modern authors. Selected articles contain a biographical/critical overview, a list of the main works and resources for further studies. The Ebook contains 200 of the most important English authors. They group authors by culture and gender, from diary authors of the eighteenth to new authors of experiential prop.

Every book comprises about 15 authors and contains a short bio, a choice of excerpts and a full and up-to-date list of the author's work.

10 best authors of children's literature

Today we wish the mythical children's writer Lois Lowry a merry 75 years! Lowry, one of our favourite authors of children's literature, released her first children's novel in 1977 and has authored over 30 more since. Celebrating Lowry's birthdays, we've compiled a collection of the best children's authors of all times, in English, from modern to classical, from magically wild to amusing.

Here we define "children's literature" as a novel directed at the 9 to 13 series, a little too young for YA himself, but far into the chapterbook scene and preparing for a more meatier diet. There is no better way to help your kid get prepared for a creative and curious lifestyle than to give him a few great works in his heyday.

Browse through our mailing lists - and since we wanted to create this lists three time ( "but you have to stop somewhere"), be sure to log in with your own favourites in the feed back! Lowry, whose stories keep knocking us out, is one of only five authors to win the Newbery Medal twice - once for Number the Stars in 1990 and again for The Giver in 1993 (two of her double award-winning colleagues are also on our list!).

Not afraid of troubling or tricky issues - Holocaust, dystopic future, fatal disease - Early on, Early on, he speaks to them with charm and gripping aptitude. It still felt pressing to ask how the script is, so we know it is one of the best.

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