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Transcript: Raceman Submit to Submissions[at] MilesStottAgency[dot] co[dot] uk. Children / YA Submission We' re always interested in getting contributions from gifted authors and graphic designers. Please observe these rules if you wish to contact us: Select the children's books broker you would like to apply to. At the moment the following agents are taking submissions: When your entry is not right for this agents, but she thinks you are gifted, she will give it to someone else on the group.

Do not hand yourself in to more than one operative. Insert your name and headline in the reference line. Enter the bid for your project and provide us with all the information about yourself.

Contacts - Elina Ahlback Frahlingur

She is the agency's founding member and has been working successfully in the book and publication trade since 1982. It has established an expansive private sector in the world of global publishers and has a Master of Science qualification in global business. She has an MA in Literature with a subsidiary in Business Administration and was living in Germany and the USA before moving to Helsinki.

Raised with fictional speculation and comic books, she graduated in literary classicism at the university: she values the Aristotle pattern and awaits the unknown. She is our permissions co-ordinator and supports the agents with questions about sale and materials. She likes icelandic legends and modern city books with a soft spot for novel families that deal with paradigms changes and societal questions.

The Elina Ahlback Literary Agency markets literary, movie and television titles, children's literature and non-fiction to publishing houses and manufacturers around the globe and arranges the best possible contracts for its customers, complete with sales plans. The Frankfurt and Bologna Frankfurt and Gothenburg fairs, the London and Bologna fairs and the Gothenburg fairs, as well as numerous films and television series.

Elina Ahlback Frahlingur was founded in June 2009 by Elina Ahlb├Ąck, who has been working successfully in the book and publication trade since 1982. The Elina Ahlback Literary Agency is a representative of Scandinavian literature and non-fiction authors, both for adults and children's literature and for illustrated work. Agents work with literary and business literature, novelism, thrillers, feminist literature, sci-fi / fancy literature, narratives, psychology, populary studies, parenthood, self-help, youth and children's literature / non-fiction and illustratediction.

Frahlingur Elina Ahlback follows the general data protection regulations of the European Union. Your personal information will only be used to provide our newsletter, newsletter and other commercial and commercial information about Finnish music.

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