Children's Literary Agents Accepting Submissions

Frahlingen for children who accept submissions

This agent accepts requests from PB writers. Follow the link to confirm your submission guidelines. You will find frahlings looking for children's books, secondary school books and YA books.

Children's book submission guidelines & YA fantasy

It can be hard to know what to say when you surrender to an operative. All we want to know about your book: Let us know what kind of people you think you're going to be and let us know if there are other children's literature (or YA) for a similar group.

Tell us whether you see your novel as an independent narrative or whether it should be the first in a certain order (e.g. trilogy) or in an on-going film. Amber or Joanna, please include this - and why - in your cover e-mail, otherwise we will review and split all contributions according to the agent's taste.

One e-mail within a fortnight to confirm your deposit. I would like a more detailed answer to say whether we are interested in developing things further. As we know that it can be exhausting to wait for an answer, we will try to send you our complete answer within one months. Even if we will do this in the near term, we do not accept any pictures.

In case you are interested in a storybook consultation, please contact the very nice Blue Elephant Storyshaping ( The Blue Elephant Storyshaping is an editorial, consulting and tutoring services that enables picture-book authors and graphic designers to refine their work before submitting it.

2018 Frahlingen

Take special care of the types/genres that agent want to represent in order to find the best matches for your work. The manuscript submissions page contains general guidance and information on submitting mini-proposals, which must be submitted by 14 July. They will be available on a first come, first serve principle.

Once an selected analyst has achieved his or her preconferencing review rate, you still have the option of signing up for an event in the conference's Writing Center. In 2017 Sally Apokedak (formerly with Frahlingur Leslie H. Stobbe) founded her own Apokedak Literary agency and the small newspaper Paraklesis Presse (both with a focus on children's literature).

He studies, reviews and markets children's literature and has been giving typing lessons for 20 years. She has worked with bestsellers and award-winning writers such as Jeanne DuPrau, Ingrid Law and Shannon Hale as the Kidz Book Buzz blogshooter. Remark: Most of them are interested in works that originate from a conservative view of the world but are oriented towards the general public, but also in MG and YA fiction that are oriented towards the conservative world.

Open class textbooks, psychic novels with angels/demons, vermin, zombie, vampires, and more. For Sally, the Manuscript Submission Program. WordServe Literary agents Nick Harrison is representing both literary and non-fictionists. Nick worked for 15 years as chief executive of Harvest House Publishers, where he worked with several top writers such as Dr. Tony Evans, Allison Bottke, Jerry Eicher and Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys.

He has authored more than 10 novels, among them Magnificent Prayer, Power in the Promises and his latest publication, One-Minute Prayers for Dads. Specialist books: Mr. Nick will attend the Manuscript Submission Program meeting. Worked with veterans and novice writers alike, Jim Hart represented a mixture of non-fiction and literature work.

It supplies both the Croatian and the general market. Notion: Fiction: Nonfiction: He will be participating in the Manuscript Submission Program. A prizewinning writer, Frahling (Steve Laube Literature Agency), Bob Hostetler is a spokesman from southwest Ohio. He has written 50 works, including the award-winning Don't Checking Your Blinds at the Door (with Josh McDowell) and The Bard and the Bible:

He is also Managing Partner of the Christianwriters Institute ( Notion: Fiction: bobsleigh will take part in the manuscript submission program. He is a member of D.C. Jacobson & Associates. Tawny's many years of working experiences as local and purchasing representative and head of sales and sales for a succesful network of 10 book stores gives her the skills to recognise relevancy and market viability.

Prior to becoming an agency, Tawny worked for Multnomah Press in the areas of sales and distribution, publicity and multi-national accounting. Mr. Tawny received a bachelor's and diploma in biblical and divinity education with a subsidiary subject in English literary from Multnomah University and a master's from Multnomah Biblical Seminary. She first met Christ by studying a memorandum so that she could understand how God can use the use of Christ in order to reach the hearts of a seeking souls. She sees it as a pleasure to work with writers to promote her work.

Non-fiction: Mr. Tawny will take part in the Manuscript Submission Program. Kirkland is the proprietor and principal frahlingin of Kirkland Media Management, a Texas-based company specializing in publication and movie assignments in the inspiring markets for U.S. and Canada write. She has a strong grasp of the world of writing and a strong grasp of entrepreneurship that has enabled her to distinguish herself in the field of publication and to establish herself as a pioneer for conventional and hybrids-writers.

The Jessica Group serves customers of literature and non-fiction publications who are evolving in an ever-changing world. She' s been an operative for six years and was voted Christian Fi Writers US Agents of the Year in 2016. Your company tracks authoring possibilities in all types of mediums - book, TV, movie, e-book and music.

Notion: Fiction: Specialist books: It is Jessica who will take part in the Manuscript Submission Program. Mainly non-fiction, with fewer literature jobs at the moment: SciFi imagination or speculation (because the number of entries and the possibilities for publications are so small), not quite fitting into the conventional Christendom genre (if it is a single genre, editors and bookstores will not know where to keep it or how to advertise it).

Every single working days we get suggestions that are duplications of albums and songs that have been typed with recognisable name. She will be participating in the Manuscript Submission Program.

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