Children's Literary Agents Accepting Submissions

Frahlingen for children who accept submissions

Editors who accept unsolicited manuscripts. The following pages are a good starting point for finding children's book agents: Frahlingur We are particularly drawn to those who have something to say to kids and youngsters, and we adore those creatively at risks who are not shy of trying something new or changing things. If we have been meeting at a meeting, course or workshops, or if you have been recommended by one of our best acquaintances, please let us know.

When you submit a storybook, just insert your text directly into the text of the e-mail. If you have a longer work, please add the first three sections to your post. Sorry, we do not take annexes, but it is very useful for us if you add a link to an example of your work, especially if you are an artist.

While we would like you to take an up-close look at your contribution for six-week periods, this is not absolutely necessary. We would be pleased if you would let us know if you have approached other agents or editorial staff. Knowing how much work goes into producing a script or artwork, we want to be able to answer every question we have.

But, unfortunately, it is not possible, considering how many submissions we have. When you don't get back to us within six week, it means that your work doesn't suit us right now.

Eight frahlings who accept contributions -

However, the amount of effort and effort you need to find a bookstore. You would rather use that amount of power and effort for your next script. Even more annoying is that many of the major publishers do not take entries directly from the authors. You are looking for a frahling who can buy your script for you.

Waxman Leavell Literary Academy, Taylor Haggerty von Waxman, He is looking for young adults literature, historic literature and historic romantic. is no longer with D4EO Literary Agent. Go to this page for a full directory of the agencies and their link lists,, Join me tomorow for a collection of weblog entries on the meaning of an agents and get an agents curator.

How difficult are you to find an agents?

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