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You are one of the most influential authors in the world as an author of children's books a long-established Frahlingur that handles a wide range of fiction and non-fiction for adults, young adults and children. The Greenhouse is a transatlantic frahlingur representing authors who write books for children and young people. She has always been interested in children's literature and is currently writing her own children's book. She is looking for literary and fiction as well as children's literature. Frahlingur for children's authors and illustrators.

Best children's booksellers 2016

It is the most beloved one on my website and I keep it updated every year with agents that their authors suggest. Thanks to all children's book authors who answered my call in 2016. Who is your spy and would you suggest him?

I was fortunate enough to work with one of the best agents in the industry, the beautiful Philippa Milnes Smith of LAW (see below for details). We wish you good fortune in choosing someone as smart, friendly and helpful as Philippa. Who' s representing Eoin Colfer? Who' s representing Cathy Cassidy? So why do you need an agent?

The Penguin Ireland seasoned author and schoolteacher, Claire Hennessy is her children's and YA editor - Claire will be reading and accepting unprompted scripts by e-mail. However, most British publishing houses do not allow the use of unrequested scripts, so you will have to send in your work through an agen. Exactly what does an asset do?

One of our agents can give you advice on your script and how you can make it more appealing to a publishing house. 2- An agency can find the right journalist or publishers for your work - like a story broker. 3/Agents are dealing with the complex and complex field of agreements. Well, a good operative can be an important part of that.

Some of the best children's writers? Be sure to review each agent's website for filing policies before sending anything. Or, call the detail office - I know it's scary, but they'll be glad to help you decide how (or if) to inscribe. You can get the agents on the telephone yourself.

Very recommendable children's agents: Elizabeth Rose Murray of Ireland has recommended her agency Sallyanne Sweeney of Mulcahy Associates (London). She also likes children's/YA-fiction - always a bonus! Let us heed from other lrish writers: I' m Faith O'Grady, my operative. He's a delight. As Dave Rudden says: "I'm with Clare Wallace at Darley Anderson - I can't really do it!

And Clare also replaces Olivia Hope. I' m with Jenny Savill of Andrew Nurnberg Associates. jenny also replaces nigel quinlan. Darley Anderson is Cathy Cassidy's representative and strongly commends him. Have a good time looking for a good operative!

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