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Books for adults

Have a look at my seven suggestions for children's books that all adults should read! As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry herself claimed, it was "a children's book for adults". Well, why not a children's author who wins the Nobel Prize? If adults read a children's book, it becomes an adult book. Like I said, big children's books are well illustrated and well written.

Written 5 great children's books for adults

Perhaps children's books are not only aimed at kids because of their easy movements, their slower pace, their difficult description and their restricted lexicab. Perhaps this means that children's books can also be for adults. There are some books here that, like children's books, are teaching classes about the big wide globe around us.... but they are for adults, so the classes are gloomy and aimed at adults.

The Zombie, by Aaron Ximm and Kaveh SoofiFirst of all, rabbits are not candy. There is no point in Pat the Bunnys being one of the first books to stimulate touch in a child's world. Yes, yes, it will teach children about different tastes, but it also teach them that stroking a rabbit is great pleasure.

Pat the Bunny's satirical story picks it up by substituting the rabbit for objective, frightening beasts. Pat the Zombie allows children and adults to experience what different things are like without getting wrong information about bunnies. Is the first to introduce books to the world of books for literary use by literary children, and it is a book-like game.

However, the good folks at McSweeney's have made a series of books that are useful - and make your babys uncomplicated. In first place is baby, do my bank. It is a great way to learn about everyday things in your child's and parents' lives, as well as a great way to get a schooling!

Which are your favourite "mature" children's books?

Nineteen children's books that you need to re-read as an adulthood.

Because we are getting older, this does not mean that the classes we are learning from children's books are any less important. Feisty, self-contained, red-haired child catches the adventure ghost of a child. And Charlotte, the old weasel? Who doesn't recall the history of Wilbur, the little dwarf pig, and Charlotte, the old weasel? "There are still those who argue about 20 years later at the end of this story," says Lareau.

"Either you like it or you hate it," says Lareau. "In the classical rhyme books that teach kids that it's not creepy to say good night, it says "Goodnight room, good night moon". A curious 11-year-old Harriet often enters notes about her boyfriends and relatives in her diary, but when the diary gets into the right hand, these notes are open.

It is not only about remaining faithful to yourself, but also about when it is okay to tell lies to protect other people's sentiments. J.K. Rowling's first novel in her world-famous "Harry Potter" has revived the phantasy game. An apparently common 11-year-old kid with goggles turns into a beautiful storyline of secret sorcery and amazing animals.

"When we were kids, we may have missed the author's clues to the end of the series," says Lareau. "You may have got over the idea of allegorical creation as a kid, but you understand that the writer created the most unbelievable world," says Lareau. "When you' re an adulthood, you can appreciate the courage to distance yourself from your loved ones," says Lareau.

This is the ideal guide for anyone beginning a new challenge: "Oh, the Places You'll Go" is a memory of the unexploited potentials in all of us. "This is probably the most beloved final textbook of all time," says Lareau. So many astonishing books by Judy Blume exist, but this story about what it's like to be a brother or sister still sounds real, whether you're 9 or 90 years old.

It' not only fun, but also a moving tale of two brethren - a fourth-grader and a horrible two-year-old - and their affection for each other (even if it doesn't always seem like it). "The easy things can make us so happy," says Lareau, and that's exactly what A.A. Milne with Pooh Bear, Christopher Robin and their boyfriends in the Hundred Acres of Forest is proving.

Madeline L'Engle created the brilliant tale of Meg Murry, a young woman whose sire disappeared during his top-secret research in Tesseract, also known as Falten in der Zeit. Saying more would ruin this novel, which is as exciting for adults as it is for kids. "Madeline " is a cute tale about a young French woman who is living with 11 other little women and her protecting non.

Lovely artwork and cute storytelling will make you laugh the next day you see kids running down the aisle. "She is brave and timeless," says Lareau about Ramona Quimby, the classical child figure who still charms the reader, regardless of years. Lareau says, "Her gaze on Maria's uncles could have developed for grown-ups.

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